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Is Accutane the answer, and would i get prescribed?

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Hello all,

Well to summise my acne treatment, i have been using benzoyl peroxide consitently for 2 years now. I also regularly use BHAs/AHAs in the form of foam cleansers and alternative night treatments. Looking back on how my skin was to how it is now, in terms of spots, i have seen a massive improvement. I generally won't have more than 3 active spots on my face at any one time. However, regardless of the improvement for such a committed length of time using acne treatments my skin still persists to be really oily and develop spots.

Needless to say i am fed up of using benzoyl peroxide. Going to bed with it smeared all over my face has been increasingly annoying and frustrating knowing that the next day i will constantly have to blot my face due to the ridiculous oil production.

Now, to try and stay consise, could a small dose of accutane be my answer? I have never thought i have had bad enough acne to merit accutane however, due to the persistent acne i have had and my crazy oil, i am starting to sway in my belief.

This is the point where i seek advice from people who may have some experience with the above.

Also, i am from the UK so does anyone know what the doctors think of prescribing accutane?


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Grow a few more acne/pimple delibrately and go to the derm put on lots of moisturizer to give it the glowy oily look =P jking.

Erm maybe he will not prescribe or maybe he will , on a low dose of 10-20mg/day perhaps.depend hw the doctor looks at te severity of the oilyness.

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