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Today, the same as every day, I resolve to stop picking my face.

I have been picking it for 3 years now. It has been much better at times,

and much worse at others. It has interfered with my social life and

killed my self esteem. Thinking about my skin occupies hours of my day.

I wake up thinking about my skin. I hate it.

I have gotten better as of late. I have decreased the amount of time I spend

mirror checking. I had been checking in a mirror every 10 minutes or so, and

now I check only a couple of times throughout the day, and perhaps every hour

at night. Also, I haven't had a major session within the last month although I've

meddled with blackheads daily and rubbed skin off of my face.

I have stopped wearing makeup, as I feel makeup only hinders the healing process

and the overall look of the skin tone. Wearing makeup also allows me to damage my

face more, as I have the means to hide what I have done.

The most infuriating thing about this whole situation is the fact that I have

wonderful, beautiful skin. Anywhere that has not been picked, ie. the sides of

my face, my forehead, around my eyes, has a lovely olive colour. In contrast,

where I have picked, my skin is red and raw looking. At one point I was able to

stop picking for 2 weeks, and as a result, my skin was much more even toned, and

looked healthy and healing. I would love to be able to have that again. I know I can.

What I am looking for on acne.org is not a miracle cure for acne; I do not have acne.

I am looking for support, and any advice as to how to stop picking. I refuse to

allow this to take over my life. Please, I need this to stop. If you write to me, I will

be more than happy to discuss my situation with you, and help you as much I can.

I will post to this every day, and document my attempt to stop picking my face.

Thank you very much.


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Hey hun, how goes the no picking?

I have been a habitual picker since my acne started (about 18mths ago)

Im on day 7 of not picking and it feels and looks a whole lot better. I know exactly what you mean about it killing your self esteem, we all know that picking = angry skin but we still do it, I think subconsciously we may believe we are giving nature a helping hand by removing the loose bits of dry skin, but they are always attached to sensitive bits that are still healing :(

My advice is to cut your nails as short as they can go and then file them smooth. After that, round off the edges with a few coats of clear nail varnish. This will prevent you getting a decent grip if you tend to pick without realising.

I constantly think about my skin... what does it look like? what do other people think is wrong with me? why did this have to happen to me? am I doing everything I can to heal it? The list is endless! You are not going to be able to stop thinking about your skin all the time, when you are worried about something, you think about it, its natural. Just try your hardest not to think bad things, every time you think about your face, think about it healing, think about how you will feel when this torturous time is finally over.

Just remember if you slip up and pick one area, dont give up completely and pick the rest. It will be better to have one small red patch than loads, and that small red patch will serve as a reminder to keep up the good work :)

Take care, let me know how youre getting on x x x

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Hey I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner.

I have not picked for 10 days now, and I am definately

seeing a difference. Nothing looks angry, my skin tone is changing back.

The desire to pick at it is lessening, and I no longer wake up thinking about

my face. I've found that getting out and busy is very helpful, because

it leaves me no time to sit around and look for imperfections.

I completely understand what you mean about the worrying.

I think that the worst worry is the ' what can I do to heal it?! '

That got me researching new things to try out every day..

One day, honey. The next, aspirin. Then egg yolk ....

I'm sure that's fairly aggitating to the skin, getting new things dumped on it

every day. I felt so neurotic. How are you getting on?

Are you feeling less stressed over things?

How is your face doing?

Thanks for taking the time out to reply,

I wish you the best of luck!

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I've gotten a lot better about my picking-healing-pimples problem (I used to be SUPER stingy about it), but I continue to pop pustules when they do come, which is not a bad thing if it's ready. I just make sure to keep them clean afterwards. :) Good luck with your resolve!

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Thank you for your reply!

I haven't really bothered my face for two weeks now.

I'm going to try leaving it alone, as I've started to rub at it lately.

I'm also going to try to fade existing red marks.

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Hey you guys, dont you guys get those that pop out of no where?

Or the ones that you wake up w???

Like for me...yesterday when i woke up...i have this HUGE i mean huge pimple w puss or whatever it is...

I tend to pick at the scars a lot...and sometimes i see that there was something still inside...is that bad? Should i not scratch it off?

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Yes, I was stunned to learn after struggling to find a solution for my acne (Dozens & dozens of consultations with dermatologists) ... that my problem was primarily that I exacerbated everything by picking. I wished the internet had been available while I was growing up .... I've been picking since I was 12yrs old & only discovered this in my 30's.

Recently, I've been raising cats & dogs. This has enlightened me about behaviors & tendencies of animals ..... they build up energy, which if not released by properly exercising, they will release it by getting anxious or aggressive with something else. Chew furniture, get into stuff, even chew on themselves when really desperate. There is a saying "a happy dog is a tired dog".

I've applied this theory to myself. If I'm bored and haven't properly expended my physical energy .... I become malicious on my face. I've found when I've exercised & a little bit tired .... I don't find the mirror calling me. While hiking/jogging/rollerblading/swimming - I have the same thoughts which wander through my head as I had while picking.

I hope this helps?

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