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So I went to see the nasty dermatologist the other day and have been precribed 60mg of accutane for the next five months... pending the results of the blood test (being the NHS god knows when that will be).

I've had really bad skin for 8 years now and am well and truly sick of it. Obviously I've been through all the medication stages to get to where I am now. This really has to work. I need this to work. I'm in the last 6 months of my legal training and looking the way I do I cannot see myself getting by the 'real' law world. It dents my confidence so so badly.

Luckily I only have to go to campus for three days a week for the next few months so if things get bad (IB etc) I have a chance to hide away :D

I like to go out and I like a good few drinks. So I've had to explain to friends why I will not be able to drink (at least in the same way) for the next few months. I have to say though what I've found really interesting is my friends' responses. Mainly focussed on 'so that's why you wear so much make-up' haha... most people hadn't even noticed my skin issues which I'm astonished about. I dont think it's because they couldn't see the bad skin. I guess they just didn't care as much as I thought they did haha.

The main thing I'm really worried about is wearing make-up and the dry skin. I cannot cannot cannot WILL NOT go without wearing makeup. I would simply not be able to leave the house (panic attacks etc).

I have a really BIG problem with skin picking as well... I'm trying to knock that on the head before I start on the medication. Not going very well so far :( We're talking about trying to get rid of years of compulsion there...

OK well hopefully it wont be too long until I can post some actual accutane related junk but thought for now I would introduce myself and all the rest.


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Hi cindy_sue,

good luck on the roaccutane, as we call it in the UK ehh ? :P

im 3 months in suffer from dry skin and the various side affects below:

and im on 60MG too.

Girls can hide it so well with make up compared to us, but you do realise that makes it worse yea?!

anyway i knw you must still wear it, so best thing to do iss, get some Nivea Soft for hands and face, what it does is , sink into your skin straight away and is invisble, then plaster your make up on after about 5 mins after putting it on. make sure your pores are not open when you put on the moisteriser!!

When taking it of, make sure you get it ALL off when you go to bed like.

Thats vitally important.

You can get Nivea Soft from like tescos or boots places like that in a little tube that i take to work with me etc and apply when needed.

Mine was about £3 so fairly cheap.

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Right well that was a ridiculous amount of time to wait between derm appointment and actually starting on Roaccutane.

Stupid NHS. Something to do with my GP and derm being in different NHS areas... they needed constant chasing up blah blah...

But anyways. FINALLY got a call today so say my derm signed me off to start the treatment. Happy times.

Hmm a bit about my skin... sorry there wont be any pictures but I simply dont have the guts to take them let alone post them :( (kudos to all of you who do)

So yeah my skin has been particularly bad as of late... I have the remains of about 10 huge spots spread over both cheeks with the next round threatening to surface. Blackheads all over my nose and small bumps all over pretty much with especially concentration on my forehead/jawline. Such a pretty look :D

I have a fairly major problem with skin picking as well. Need to try and knock that on the head but we'll see. Pretty hard to break a near 10-year habit overnight (not that my derm seems to understand that at all).

Luckily I have the next two weeks off college for Easter break so if I get an IB please let it happen around now :D

Hmm cant think of anything else for now. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask :D


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Day 2

Euch well I'm sure that at this stage I'm not experiencing any accutane-related side-effects but I've had some nasty nausea all day so am just going to chill out today I think :)

The pleasing symmetry of my current breakout on my cheeks has been spoiled somewhat by a rather large nasty spot that's formed on the left side of my chin. Seriously. Looks like I'm growing a new chin. Sexified. Going to see my bf of sorts later so had to squeeze the bastard (tut tut I know I know but it was gross, something had to be done...). An old scab on my jawline decided to reinflate as well which I'm not too impressed about. The weather's lovely. I hate having to wear makeup when it's so nice :(

I went and stocked up on a bunch of 'tane easing products as well. Although I couldn't find any moisturiser with SPF in it. So if anyone from the UK's reading: any recommendations?


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Hey Cindy liking the log so far. Shame the symmetry was ruined, my acne always misbehaves itself and is never symmetrical but what can ya do? Im not aware of any moisturisers with spf maybe have a look in the uk supplies forum.

Im on 60mg too, its the dosage for cool people :cool: Any questions let me know, good luck!

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hey thanks for writing on my log.. haha means alot that people are reading it.

arent you so happy that ur finnnnnally on your way to clear skin.. only 5 months i mean think about how little amount of time that is in comparison to how long youve been dealing with this bullshit.

i think thats something im gonna tell myself when i start it on tuesday. bc honestly i will most definitely break out everywhere because my acne is very random .. it is not concentrated in a certain area.. and need to just tell myself that ive been dealing with this for the last 6-7 yrs whats 5 more freaking months.. like it would happen either with or without the accutane.. so we all will just need to relax a bit and keep that thought close to us when were feeling shitty about our skin.

i dont know if i can bring myself to post pics too.. like honesty i ve taken pics of my skin before with my phone and i wanted to die when i saw them in a photo... so to actually have to come on here and see it everytime i post will not be pleasant.. ill see though...

if you end up doing it then bravo to you!! lol

hope your visit with the bf is good... keep us posted on your progress!!!:) you have all my support and your skin will be fab when ur done.

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Day 3

You're so right Homegirl: need to be patient and think back to all the years of dealing with this shizzle whilst on this course of medication... 4 months is nothing compared to 8 years :) I'm just hoping that I'll be verging on clear by the end of June cos I'm going to a music festival:

camping + makeup & acne worries = No fun boo haha

My skin seems a lot bumpier all over my cheeks and round my jawline... some of the spots I thought were fading away have popped back up again as well which is a bit of an annoyance. And my sassy new chin was looking especially flashy in the afterglow of my squeezing... I need to invest in a pair of mittens...

No side-effects to speak of as yet... give it time no doubt.

Going round my bf's reminded me of all the stupid routines I've sunk into to deal with my acne: wake up before him so I can apply makeup and then sneak back into bed: tumtetum "yes I wake up with immaculately applied makeup ever morning sweetie." Ridiculous.

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Day 4

Hmm well (inevitably) there's not much to report today. Although I plucked up the courage to take a good look at my skin today. Usually mirror gazing + OCDesque skin-picking = Scabby Mess

Managed to restrain myself somewhat but it was a bit miserable looking at just how bad my skin is. So So many lumps and bumps all over (never mind the healing scabs and red marks). On the plus size my chin has almost reduced to normal size. But of course there's a scab now (or at least there was **sigh**). Will I learn? Probably not... :rolleyes:

I suppose my lips are a bit dry today but certainly nothing a bit of lip balm can't solve. I'm just hoping this calm before the storm hold out til thursday: there's a big event on that I would like to look my best at :)

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Day 8

Well I'd like to say the first week went by quickly but I haven't been ip to much but study so it's kind of dragged by.

I've noticed the skin on my face is getting drier. I usually wake up with a very oily nose but not this morning. I've also broken out all over my chest which is pretty gnarly looking (high neck tees for me for the time being). Oh and yeah the lips are really dry now.

Drank a a lot more than I intended last night (people just kept buying me drinks!)... was weird though... didn't get that pissed and feel fine today. Not something I will be making a habit of though.

Things with the NHS are as taxing as ever. The next appointment they gave me is in June (on a day I have an exam no less) which is obviously too late for a monthly checkup... so I'll be nagging them for the next week or so it seems.

Bring on the Easter Eggs :D

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Day 13

Ow Ow Ow My lips have really been hurting. I've spent a small forture trying to find a lip balm here in the UK that works and HUZZAH!! I finally have. Phew: Carmex is giving me a bit of relief.

Skin-wise there's not been much of a change... Still getting a cyst here and there so there's no change from my skin from before accutane really. Dryin out a little bit I suppose but nothing drastic. I had a nosebleed in the shower as well this morning which was a bit unpleasant.

Things with the NHS are still proving difficult... spoke to them AGAIN yesterday and they STILL haven't sorted me out an appointment for my monthly check-up.

I was a bit stupid at the weekend as well. Honestly you'd think I was 17 not 24 sometimes. Easter break is party time round my way so there was a fair bit of drinking and I even got sunburnt... oops... Luckily it's back to the studies and good behaviour now.. 50spf from here-on-in :D

I think I need to drink more water as well. Euch I need a kick in the ass sometimes.


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Day 17

Right so my IB-safe zone (haha) has passed and I'm back at college now with still nothing exciting to report on the complexion-front. Skin's pretty much as it's always been for the last 4 years. A few cysts active and otherwise, blackheads and the general lumps and bumps that make up the beautiful contours of my face. Well at least I know how to deal with that eh? eeeEEeee just trying to not think about the IB!!

Side-effects wise I have had a pretty painful back the past few days although I'm not sure if that's accutane related or an old problem playing up. It did start for no good reason though which makes me think accutane. Dry lips have become less of a noticeable factor and more of a fact of life (thank god for carmex)

And I've been trying to mentally prepare myself for what my skin will look like when (HOPEFULLY) my skin finally clears up. I'm no fool. There will be scars and indendations and strange pigmentation that I haven't noticed up to now because I'm so fixated on the active stuff. The thing is I used to self-harm years back and I'm living with the scars from that. Took a while but I'm happy with that skin so I'm hoping this will all go the same way.

I have been behaving. More water drinking and no alcohol. Although there are a number of huge functions on the cards for the next few months so I'm not sure how long that will last...

Still haven't got an appointment with the derm... the poor receptionist is so sick of me :D

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Sounds like you're off to a good start anyway :)

I wish you the best of luck!

I'm on 60mg also, on my fourth and final month.

I know how you feel about skin picking, I always do it thinking it'll do no harm.. now on roaccutane if i kinda pull at a flaky piece of skin, my face bleeds! Poor face.

I've been wearing make up everyday on it, had to give up on my mousse foundation, but I find liquid ones work well.

Anyway, as I said, good luck! Tis all worth it, xx.

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Day 24

Well well what to report? If it weren't for my stupid skin-picking habit I think my skin would actually look really good. I can feel three spots threatening to emerge on my jawline but apart from that it's just a few little lumps on my forehead and the blackheads.

Sounds good? Umm well it does't look good... I have about 10 scabs in various stages of healing. Savlon antisetic gel overnight seems to be helping but bleuch... There's a bunch on my jawline that have got to the 'shiney stage' of healing... flat but stupidly obvious in bright light even with a tonne of makeup on. So So itchy as well... I wish I could employ someone to slap my hands every time I reach for my face.

I'm STILL waiting to hear back from the stupid dermatologist about my checkup appointment... considering I'm a week away from the first monthly blood test it's a bit worrying :s


- Dry dry dry lips... peeley, cracky, ocassionally bleedy: nice.

- Sore back... taking ibuprofen which seems to help but driving can be quite painful at time.

- I seem to be stupidly tired at the moment as well... not sure if that's accutane related but it's pretty hard work :(

myresults_xnow: thanks for the supportio... always appreciated. This process is really quite disheartening at times.

teenqueen17: I use liquid foundation as well (with powder on top if I need extra thick covering up)... although it's starting to look quite cakey these days. I haven't changed my makeup since I started on accutane and am considering having to do so... Strange I know but it's nice to hear of fellow skin-pickers... feel a bit like an acne pariah sometimes (let alone the bollocking I get from my dermatologist)... haha

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Day 26

Well the three spots turned into four... three of which I squeeeezed (bad bad bad :naughty: ) one of which I'm now icing to try and get it to die down.

My left jawline looks dreadful with those new spots and about 6 old red marks/scabs/ peely flakey skin nonsense. Although to be honest it's nothing new. Certainly nothing I would call an out of the ordinary outbreak. So I'm pretty sure no IB still... wondering whether this means I'll not have one... who knows eh?? :D

FINALLY heard back from the derm and I have an apppointment on 18 May so despite the fact the checkup is 2 weeks late at least I wont run out of medication.

Having read around the site a bit I decided to purchase some emu oil to try and deal with the areas that need to heal. Seriously if it wasn't for the nasty old stuff my skin would look pretty good. My forehead, for example, is pretty much clear (although it wasn't a problem area on the run up to starting this course).

My skin is definately drying out as well. I cant see a super shiney nose if I cross my eyes anymore which is definately an improvement! My old makeup regime which used to last all day looking fine is starting to look a bit cakey... may have to consider a change.

I changed my avatar as well so anyone reading this can put a face to these words. Dont be fooled though... the magic of make-up and flash on the camera makes my skin look clear: believe me it isn't :D

My whole lower lip peeled off yesterday which was a bit freaky. Happily the back pain has disappeared so the only noticeable side-effect is just the dry lips.

I get a HUGELY IMPORTANT set of exam results back a week tomorrow and a big night out is on the cards... drinks will be involved... I'm hoping all this drinking is not going to affect my bloodwork. HoHum

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Good luck! :)

Are you taking three 20mg pills or, a 40mg and two 10mg pills? I just got started on 60mg, and because I wanted the brand name Accutane (Roche) they only have 40mg and 10mg pills (in Canada) at least, so I have to take a 40 and two 10's... just curious what other people on 60mg have to do.

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Rx: I'm taking 3 x 20mg pills a day. They look a bit like coffee beans haha

Day 31

Just a short update cos I'm pretty miserable about the state of my skin. Still dont think it's an IB I'm experiencing as my skin always worked in terrible-better cycles and what I'm experiencing now is typical of the terrible part :( So factor that it with the scabs and yeah... it's a mess

The emu oil (with added manuka and tea tree) has arrived so we'll see if that helps at all. I'm a product junkie as it stands so this place could prove very pricey for me... I read all the raves and think 'oooh maybe that should be purchased'. Although I realise I should keep things simple on accutane.


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Day 35

Well my mood has improved dramatically since my last post :D I did extremely, crazily well in my latest exams so I'm on academic cloud nine....wahooooo!!!

Skin wise... my scalp is sososo dry. I'm not talking dandruff but instead it's peely. My earlobes are peeling as well. Luckily (as you can see in my avatar :D) I have big hair which can cover these issues but my scalp does sting a bit when I wash my hair now.

I'm thinking of buying some dandruff shampoo though to see if that helps. I've also invested in some aquaphor via ebay so I'm hoping that will help with my scaley hairline and earlobes when it arrives.

The scabs on my jawline are still there but the breakout I was experiencing this time last week has died down so I'm just dealing with the leftovers of that now really. My blackheads are looking a lot less prominent as well.

So on balance I think things are looking up. Although as I mentionned in an earlier post this is typical of my usual acne moderate-bad cycle. So who knows if accutane is actually taking effect yet.

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Hi, it definitely is working since you are getting some side effects. Most people start to see real results month 2 which is when I saw the wonders of accutane. Keep posting!

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As far as I know Aquaphor is made by Eucerin? You can get eucerin stuff in boots, so i presume it's pretty much the same as the American stuff just without the brand name (although it still costs an arm and a leg!) I've also found that e45 cream works just as well and boots have a big sale on it at the moment.

What are you using for your lips? I've just been using vaseline so far but a few days ago my lips went crazy dry, and now they're back to mildly dry again. I'm gonna try and get hold of some Burts Bees Beeswax Lip Balm, as from what I've read online it looks really effective.

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hey-hey!!! i'm so glad i found someone who actually started the same day i did! so yeah, we're pretty much on the same path right now. actually, all my blackheads on my nose are completely gone! Thank God for that! so far that's the only progress i see!! Good luck on your journey!

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Day 41

OK I'm going to say this very quietly sssshhhhI think I may be turning a corner with the scabs of dooooom ssssshhh

But I'm not holding my breath... I'm seeing the dermatologist monday. She completely bollocked me last time I saw her for skin-picking. No doubt there will be more of the same. I dont like her. She's patronising and speaks to me like I'm a naughty child. But hey it's free and the only way I'll get my script so guess I'll have to put up with her. pah

So (as ever) scabs apart my skin aint looking toooo bad I'll give you a low down but bare in mind I'm only counting the big inflamed stuff at the moment (cant cope with looking too closely right now):

- Forehead: pretty much clear and dry. You can see my freckles and not just my acne now :D

- Right cheek: a cyst on the cheekbone. Popped up yesterday. Could be here a while. There a flat mark the size of a penny that's a very old scab that's finally finally healing. Couple of old scabs on the jawline.

- Left cheek: right on the kawline was where I broke out badly a few weeks back and have been dealing with the nasty scabs since. But anyways. There's three actives still in there but apart from that it's flat and healing.

- Nose: blackheads that's it.

- Chin: just the leftovers of the scab from my second chin (yes the one I referred to about a month ago... still healing... boo).

I started using the emu/manuka/teatree oil stuff 10 days ago and I think it has helped with the healing (or it could all be in my head haha)

Marnelli: : eeee! nice to find someone who started on the same day as me indeed. I'm hoping to see some results soon... hoping hoping hoping!

Carmelle Thanks for the encouragment. I do forget sometimes that the dry lips and stuff are indications that the accutane is at work. I hope you're right about month 2!!

Brucey: Eucerin you say: seems I should've done my homework!! I use a mixture of vaseline (aloe vera and normal) and carmex (in the yellow tube) during the day. Although the carmex is quite gloopy and very shiney (looks like lipgloss to be honest: which doesn't bother me :D). At night I use the blistex intensive moisturiser. It's very white and doesn't soak in so doesn't work so well in public :D Think I've tried everything you can get down boots now haha

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Day 46: Just Call me Two-Face

Haha well as the title suggests my face is a tale of two cheeks.

Right cheek... looking good! Clearing up. Just a few flat remains of old spots and a couple of small actives.

Left cheek.... 5 CYSTS!! I never usually have more than 2/3 at any one time and then BAM! last night two popped up... this morning 3 more!! EUCH.

I know I know I should be grateful about:

- the right cheek

- the forehead (pretty clear :D)

- the nose (only blackheads)

- Chin (pretty clear).

But seriously. left cheek. euch it looks AWFUL. Nothin will cover these beauties And they really hurt. Like I swear I could feel one of them throbbing in class today... it's got its own blood supply I'm sure.... time to iceiceice

But anyways. Soldier on and all that. Went to see the dermatologist yesterday. She was her usually cheery self (ha!). 5 minutes in her office and that was it. Took longer waiting for the script. But hey that's what you get from the NHS I guess. Just have to appreciate that it's free and I'm paying pennies for the drugs I suppose.

On the plus side I only have two days of classes left and then I get to hermit myself away for two weeks for revision. Hopefully that'll be long enough to come out the other side of this breakout. Boo

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