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Accutance success story *READ*

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I joined this site about 6 months ago when I was starting a course of accutane for some moderate/severe persistent acne that I had. After searching across the internet for some stories and more importantly inspirational stories to help me with starting all I really found were a bunch of people telling their horror stories scaring the shit outa me.

I just wanted to write this and let people now that even though it may seem like you see more horror stories about accutane, but there are TONS of people who have been successful with it like me. The truth is after my acne started getting much better I got back to being as social as I used to and getting out and doing other things rather than sitting on my computer on sites like this.

I am a 21 year old male, 160 lbs, and am on my 5th month of accutane. And it worksssss. Don't fall into a base rate fallacy and think that the worst side effects will happen to you because they only happen to a small percentage of people. Yes, it might happen, but you also have much better luck hitting a single number in roullete.

Accutane - Just do it. Dont listen to the haters

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Nice! Im happy it worked for you, I just started my third month but im still breaking out pretty bad and starting to get discouraged. :cry:

How long did it to work for you?

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