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1st Day on Sotret! (Accutane)

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I'm happy that my acne problem will finally be dealt with! But I have a question, do you guys use anything on your face while on Sotret? (like BP or things like that) Also what should I use when I go out, a face lotion? Also what's this I'm hearing that Accutane is better than Sotret and whatnot, I was told they are the same thing :wacko:

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I'm also just starting today. I'm on amnesten(sp?). For my moisturizer I use CeraVe lotion, it works really well and it isn't super thick or anything.

The only thing you should be using on your face are a gentel wash(cetaphil/cerave/baby aquaphor w/ eurcerin.....i use that) and moisturizer.

Don't touch/pick at your face and don't use any other chemicals.

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I haven't used anything else while on accutane (i'm almost finished with my treatment.)

Using other topicals can make your skin even drier.

Just gently wash your face with something gentle (most would recommend a gentle cleanser, i personally used and had no problems with Dove sensative skin - find what's best for you).

And as far as moisturizers go, i successfully use Cetaphil Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15. Generally you want to look for a moisturizer that is non-comedogenic (which means it won't clog your pores).

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