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just wanted to know if omega 3 complex contains vitamin a because some sites say fish oil has it and some say it doesnt. Im not on accutane currently but have accutane hair loss and i know its because of vitamin a toxicity. The supplement im taking has omega 3 fish oil, flax seed oil, and borage oil. Please someone help me i dont want to make a mistake and take more vitamin a!!

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AFAICT, "fish oil" is typically used to market products that are trying to refine specific oils out of the fish, and other names (mostly "cod liver oil") are used for the unrefined product that has lots of Vitamin A. Any product of either type from a big-name manufacturer really should say in the nutritional box if it has Vitamin A. Nobody wants to get sued by a pregnant woman! I have both kinds in my fridge at the moment. The "fish oil" lists no Vitamin A; the "cod liver oil" lists a ton of Vitamin A.

Shoulda said "less refined" instead of "unrefined". Almost everybody does something to their fish to justify the outrageous prices. :-)

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Well the one i have is called natrol omega-3 complex and on the back it doesnt say it has vitamin a but im still kinda worried it does. Can someone check this brand through google and tell me if i does or not

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