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Enlisting in the Navy.. but I depend on Regimen!

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I've been planning on Enlisting in the Navy because it's a good opportunity for me, but one thing I'm afraid of is that my acne will return while serving my time. I've been using Dan's Regimen for almost a year now with staggering Results, but I've been depending too much on the regimen that I've slowly cut down the dosage. Acne is starting to return in bigger numbers & I'm afraid that it will only get worse. I'm afraid that while I'm in the navy I won't be able to use the regimen on a daily basis. & while I'm on sea duty for months, I won't be able to purchase the regimen @ all!

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I am currently in the Navy my self over in Afghanistan. If you do join you will go to the great place of Great Lakes IL for atleast two months for boot camp. You will not be able to use it at boot camp but once you get out you can. Ive been using the regimen since the first of Jan and in the morning I take my shower and put everything on and then about an hour before I get off work ill go do it then too. I work 12 hours a day out here so it works out to keep it on 12 hours apart.

Good luck if you do join and just remember boot camp is not the real Navy. If you got anymore questions about the Navy let me know... Been in for 4 years this April.

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When i was in basic training for the Army last year, I stopped the regimen and basically just washed my face in the morning with that Oxy alpine bar soap with SA in it, then at night I would use Neutrogena Razor Defense fash wash before shaving and then put 10% BP on. Worked pretty good for me cause you dont want to be wearing bp during the day if ur sweating during training you will bleach your uniforms. Since i've come home i stuck to this routine and im the clearest ive been in a long time.

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Yeah man, I am in the Army. You're gonna be required to shave every morning, they dont care what you gotta use. When I went in, whatever the PX (post exchange) had is what you used. Too bad if it irritates your skin. I didnt get any facial lotion until like the 7-8th week of boot camp I bought it off one of my battle buddies who'se grandmother sent it in. It's rare that Drill Sergeants let you keep that kinda stuff, but later on they might. Anyway, your'e not gonna be able to take acne medications with you to "boot". Then again, the Navy boot camp is way easier, less strict and more leniant than Army. Especially where I went, Ft. Benning Georgia, home of the Infantry, Airborne Rangers. So yeah... and I am only 18 years old. But when I was over their, acne bugged me sure... but I had better things to worry about.

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