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Hi I have been suffering acne throughout my teens and now into my adult years. i have been switching between various antibiotics, and have been on Oxytetracycline, and was on Erythromycin and have now been moved onto Minocycline. I was moved onto the Minocycline in Novemeber. it seemed to do the trick, as all my facial acne had cleared up, but now It is appearing again. I went to the doctors and asked ti switch over to something else(as I was told after a while, it loses its affect). The doctor told me it was too soon to be switching, even though I now have an outbreak of acne. does anyone else think this is true? If not what antibiotics other than Accutane would you recommend, and how ofter do you think you should switch over? Thanks,

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Firstly...Accutane is not an antibiotic, I'm not sure exactly how it works (others can probably fill you in that) but it is a very powerful drug and not an antibiotic.

I have over the years been on several courses (very long term ones!) on different abs, but I hate to say this: ultimately, antibiotics do not 'cure' acne. As you've found, you have to keep taking them long term and then you become resistant to them and have to change to a different one...the abs destroy the healthy 'good' bacteria, which ultimately is counterproductive for overall health and for the body's ability to fight acne infections.

I am not 100% clear (I get hormonal breakouts) but I have stopped taking antibiotics and started taking supplements and probiotics instead, and this does seem to have helped.

You can keep taking abs if you want, but at some point, they will become useless to you and you'll need to stop them anyway.

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I believe that accutane is an extremely potent version of vitamin A that is taken orally. Vitamin A can be helpful when applied to the skin as well. That is what Retin A is as well. Vitamin A helps your skin slough off dead skin cells and bacteria.

I've been on many antibiotics throughout my life. The ones that I'm using now and having success with are Clindoxyl and Dalacin T. Thats along with Retin A and Ortho Tricyclen. I'm considering talking to my doc about accutane later this year (I'm currently getting laser hair removal, a big no-no with accutane). Because its really starting to freak me out how many antibiotics I'm using. I wrote a post about this earlier.

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Unfortunately, antibiotics will cease to stop working well if given enough time. The bacteria eventually build a resistance. Not only that, but long term antibiotic use disturbs the natural gut flora. If your acne has been so persistent and you're considering Accutane, thoroughly research it before making a request because it is a potent last resort drug. That's what I had to resort to after taking antibiotics for years and your username suggests you're a guy so you can't very well try the birth control route.

The last antibiotic I took did work well, but still didn't knock out the cysts. That was Solodyn. It's time released Minocycline.

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I've had alot of success with two versions of clindamycin. I use Dalacin T in the morning and Clindoxyl every other night. I also use Retin A and Ortho tricyclen.

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