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Real improvement in my red marks/scars... could work for you.

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I just thought I should share my experiences because I've seen a huge improvement in my scars and red marks from using this method... even after the first few days, I noticed results. Please note though, I would only suggest using the fluid I recommend if you have enough money and if you are acne free and only dealing with red marks/scars. It may have exaccerbated my acne but then again, there are a few other factors which could have done this so I'm not 100% sure whether it was the fluid. So I'm warning people, just in case it isn't good for acne (although it claims it is ok).

So at night I started using the taping method. I washed my face as usual and then let it completely dry naturally. Then I would get regular sellotape and place it over my skin and then peel it off. This removes the top layer of dead cells, much like exfoliating but it lifts the cells away rather than scrubbing them away.

Then I rinse my face in ice cold water and again let it dry naturally but not completely so it's still moist and then I would massage my face with a few drops of Kama Ayurveda's miracle fluid into my skin for a couple of minutes, concentrating on the red marks and scars. I'd then go to sleep with a fresh pillow case every night... be careful because the fluid may stain them.

Like I said, this may have caused me to break out so I've stopped using the fluid for the time being but it worked wonders on my old red marks and the shallow scars I had even plumped out and my skin looks a lot more even. The fluid is expensive but if you have money to spare then this could work for you. I'm not sure if they offer them but you could maybe ask them to send you a sample. If not, then I would still recommend the taping method but use jojoba oil or olive oil (providing you know that they don't break you out) afterwards instead.

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