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Accutane and Shaving

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I'm thinking about going on accutane. I was wondering how men shave while the skin is so dry because of the drug. Would the skin rip off really easily?

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I found it not that bad, so long as u dont cut yourself. Your skin is really, really dry whether u shave or not while on accutane.

just b sure to moisturise often, and thats about as good as u can hope for.

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If you're really concerned about damage done from shaving...just follow the common steps...

1)Shave after a warm shower...or at least wrap a warm damp towel around you shaving area for a few minutes beforehand..

2)Use a new blade every week

3)If you really want to watch it...try a moisturizing shave gel as opposed to the foam....

Best of luck...

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I shave only once a week so my skin doesn't get totally agitated and break out from the shaving. After I am done shaving I take a nice hot shower which seems to keep the acne growth to a minimum and the redness down. It still hurts so bad to shave while my face is broken out, but you if you have to do it then we all gotta suck it up.

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dont worry at all about shaving. i thought that it would be a bitch too, but it really isnt. Dont use an electrical razor cause it will irratate the shit outta ur face. Use a razor....MACH 3 baby. I use the gillette shaving creme for sensitive skin. It works very very well....makes ur face nice and smooth. I also heard that this shaving creme contains aloe vera...not to sure tho.

Dry skin will definetly not be a problem because ur face will be moist. All you should be focusing on is dodging the big zits. I sometimes go over the little zits cause it helps get rid of them faster without leaving a redmark. But i wouldnt recommend this for cysts or big ones.

i shave everyday.

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My derm and associated pamphlets suggest to stick with an electric razor.

I'm still getting the occasional bump-like zits on the neck just below the jawline. Other than that, I've only had one level-2 pimple form on my forehead in the past month.... so I'm wondering if the shaving down there keeps irritating the skin. I wet the shaving area with warm water beforehand, and I try to shave lightly...

frustrating, I tell ya.

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