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Hopeless and Clueless T^T

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I really have no clue what to do with my skin.

Anybody have the same kind of acne I do ?

and is it severe ?

Please look in my gallery for the pics.

& I need tips. Like:

-"Do nothing" regimen

-Water REgimen


HELPPP D: :redface:

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Judging from your gallery your acne's pretty mild/moderate. I tried water only regimen and it worked great for my face. It didn't make my face red like the old OTC meds i used and it actually helped my face get rid of the splotchy redness that i had. My acne's used to be sorta like yours but mine was more severe.

Try going water only and see how it works. If your acne doesn't get better try DKR or cetaphil cus they don't irritate your skin too much. Also if your using BP, i suggest that you use as little as possible because it can make your skin redder.

Anyways, best of luck with yourr acne and don't loose hope!!! :lol:

Btw yer cute =)

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Your acne is not by any means severe. I agree with the poster above. It is mild to moderate. You dont really have inflammation. Severe acne is acne that covers the entire face and consists of a lot of cystic pimples. You dont have that.

I know we are in a recession, but do you have insurance? If you do, I think you should go to either the gynocologist or the dermatologist. Maybe you can try a low dose of birthcontrol pills. If not, you could try dans regimen.

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