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Happy Skin is Happy Days! Roaccutain Journey - Female/16/England - Day 13.

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sore back is definately persistent but ahh well!

the dryness of my face could be so much worse, wheras my lips and nose are just so irritating!

my lips especially feel like sandpaper its awful!

the skin on my chest seems to have had more blackheads than usual.

its almost asif the pores are becoming blocked more easily.

mum said my back is becoming clearer, but i cant give my opinion as its difficult to notice unless i face my back to a mirror! haha :).

my eyes are also becoming more and more dry!

i prefer not to wear as much mascara as i used to, i used to wear loads and loads but it really hurt when i had to remove it so now i just use an amount that doesnt cause problems when it comes to taking it off.

despite all of these side effects, my spots are much much better.

my spots aren't gone, but are a much smaller amount and all of my scarring and random red blemishes seem to be non-existent.

however, a few days ago, i slept in the moisturizer, 'doublebase', and i woke up with 2 new spots! it is a greasy type of moisturiser and so i came up with a new plan.

i apply moisturiser twice a day:


before applying makeup, i cover my face in double base 5 minutes before. then i will use a cloth and warm water to wipe off all of the moisturiser and any excess. it gives a really good base to apply makeup onto and gets rid of the dryness compeltely. putting makeup onto dry skin is definately a no-go for me so this definately works. i know that many of the people on this website are american, and so im not sure wether doublebase is available. i'd say any greasy-feeling, thick moisturiser would work - e45 for sure!

2. before bed, i use aqueous cream. the reason i use two different ones is because double base- if slept in can attract dirt etc, wheras aqueous cream has a differen texture, and just sinks straight in, but still moisturises.

seriously try this routine because if it works for me its bound to work for other people!

any other girls of a similar age about to start or further on in there course than me?

:) thanks.

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