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pins & needles in feet. anyone else?

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i keep getting pins & needles in my feet except it much more intense and annoying than normal. i didnt get it through my 1st course but now in my 2nd month of my 2nd course i've noticed i have been getting it quite often and its annoying me like hell, especially when you have it for 2 hours straight then goes away away and comes back again.

anyone else get this?

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I've never had that experience but I suppose it's possible. One thing I do know causes those sensations is exposure to mercury and/or consumption of large amounts of fish containing mercury over an extended period of time. Not very probable but just thought I'd mention it.

Good luck either way. You should probably check with your dermatologist as well as your family doctor if it persists.

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Are your toes or feet changing color when this happens? Are they getting cold to the touch? Those are signs of poor circulation and need to be reported to your doctor. If it's just tingling, I've no idea but am curious to find out. Please keep us posted?

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im on third month and my first time to feel that was today. i ride bmx alot which means alot of hard impacts all day. the strange thing is that right before i started riding today i lightly stepped my left foot down after sitting a while and it hurt really bad. i picked it up and and the next time i set it down was the same shooting pain. after i kept some weight on it for a couple seconds the pain left, i went to riding and it never bothered me again. really really strange. my advice is to do things to keep you blood circulating through your feet.

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