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Best makeup for acne

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ONe of the most effective acne makeups is the Blemish Recover Balm by BRTC.

It is an all in 1 concealer, foundation, SPF, moisturizer, and blemish recover solution. It originated in Asia and sells in 9 countries. My girl friend is currently using it and her face looks so good. She praises this brand on a daily basis.

It is available at www.BRTCstore.com. They also specialize in acne solutions - look at the Blemish Bundle Set - comes in a 3 step or 4 step combo. This is what I am using and most of my acne dissapeared in 1 week. No lie.!

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My absolute favourite foundation is by ettusais. I'd never seen this brand until I came to Japan (I think it's Singaporean) - quite expensive, but worth it. Sun protection, and non-comedogenic. Gives a really nice natural look, though it's a little sheer... but if necessary a little concealer and powder gives a perfect look.


Their entire makeup collection is specifically developed for people with acne, most of it's excellent.

The only ones I don't like are ironically their medicated skin care, it did absolutely nothing for my skin. But their makeup is wonderful!

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Drug and department store brands jumping on the mineral makeup bandwagon contain talc. Most others don't and the zinc in them is very helpful for acne, rosacea, and other inflammation. I use Everyday Minerals.

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Guest veganwithacne

I use Meow Cosmetics mineral makeup. The ingredients are similar to Everyday Minerals but it suits me better colorwise and such.

I love mineral foundation. I can't even imagine going back to liquid. I do mix concealer with a tiny bit of moisturizer for under eye and blemishes : )

EDM is good if you can find a color match. However do not use finishing powder with zea mays, that made me breakout. I don't know if they even still carry that one or not.

I never tried Bare minerals but I have heard some horror stories from people with sensitive skin. IMO there are less expensive and fantastic mineral makeup brands out there.

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i use a mineral foundation from rimmel its cheap, i picked it up cos my friend said it was really good and she is prone to breakouts. And shes right, i was using it everyday (run out now) and i never broke out, it covered my redness and breakouts well i thought and was light enough to use everyday.

I layered it up so it didnt look caked on like so many peoples do!

I do use the mineral powder, and noticed they contain talc so they advertise them to not clog pores..but then they put talc in them i just dont get it. They dont clog my pores but make my skin dry. Maybelines one is meant to be talc free and its good coverage i find. I swirl it on with my own makup brush.


Ive heard some good things about estee lauder and clinque makeup (slightly more expensive)

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I have mild to moderate acne. 2-way compact helps me to conceal my acne scars and also control oil. It's been strongly advised for most people to keep away from 2-way compact but somehow it works better for me. Otehr mineral powders just "disappear" as my skin is very oily.

I use Fasio's super fit and stay powder foundation ( foundation and powder in one). It's purported to be water-proof ( never tried it in water though) and it works great. It's also cheap.

Another option is Clinique's 2-way compact ( blemish-free). It's abit more expensive.

Instead of foundation, I use pore-putty make-up base. It's a great japanese brand. It smoothens out the uneven surface of the skin ( esp. if you have lots of those dreaded bumps on your face) and makes it easier to put on the compact.

Hope that helps!

Below will give you an idea of what the products look like:

pore putty:http://loveshimmer.blogspot.com/2009/05/sana-pore-putty-clear.html

fasio 2-way compact:http://www.facial-shop.com/goods.php?id=5483

clinique blemish-free :http://www.beautyfacecare.com/makeup/clinique-city-base-compact-foundation-spf-15.html

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Like everyone else I have tried so many foundations, powders, and concealers ranging from drugstore to specialty. I've yet to find my holy grail that gives me an airbrushed look.

Out of everything I have tried I've had the best luck with the following:

Urban Decay Mineral powder foundation

Physicians Formula powder foundation

Alima Pure powder foundation

I just ordered Smashbox's Halo Powder. I have never spent that kind of money on makeup but I thought if it works why not....or otherwise I definitely going to return it.

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I have used dream matte mouse for the last year for the same reasons as you. The only thing that seemed to cover and last. I used physicians formula before and it was really good. At the point I used Physicians formula, I had very moderate acne. I am brand new to bare minerals. So I do not want to recommend something I have not tried for a while.

My favorite physicians formula product is the green concealer. I use it with a brush and get really good coverage and then use the bare minerals makeup over it.

Good luck with the regimen, I am in my 2nd month and have had significant improvement for my face, chest, and back. However, I still have jawline and neck cyst/nodules (those have improved as well though). While on the regimen, I have noticed even if I wait 30 mins to put on Dream matte mouse after my bp that it kind of burns my face. That is why I decided to change to bare minerals.

I really think the make up thing is very trial and error. I just know always use something oil free, talc free and non comdengenic (i so spelled that wrong)! I do not think dream matte mouse is any of those but I completely understand why you use it!

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