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Can I flush every week

I tried the liver flush yesterday, just to see if it was working. I was really happy and surprised this morning when I saw those little dark greenish thingies in the toilet smile.gif

Anyway, I didn't even do it seriously. I never did the parasite thing before. Actually, I ate 8 waffles for supper the day before, plus a bowl of ramen before going to bed ](*,)

It might have helped that I fasted on the day of the cleanse though.

Anyway. Next time I'll do it more seriously, but I'd like to know, can I do this every week? Because they recommended doing it every 2 weeks untill it's empty, they didn't say anything about if it was dangerous to do it every week.

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Woah buddy...did you drink any apple juice or anything to break down the stones tho?

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Yeah I've been drinking a lot of organic apple juice during the last few days as well as yesterday morning during my fast

I hadn't planned anything though... yesterday morning I decided, just like that, "hey, I think I'll do a liver flush today"

That's probably why I didn't get A LOT of stones out (around 15 sall ones) but next time I'll be more prepared.

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At least you got some stones out and you didn't have any bad side effects. Fasting isn't absolutely necessary actually. It also just helps to see the stones.....more clearly. :-$ smile.gif

Two weeks is the recommended interval do give your liver and body time to rest. Also, if you ever took the epsom salts, it's hard on your kidney's. Happy Flushing!

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