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aloe vera gel...please read

I read somewhere that aloe vera gel prevents "red marks." I heard that when the pimple dry and at a head you should apply aloe vera only to the pimple. Is this true? Will it stop future red marks? And what about the MANY red marks I have now? If aloe vera works--how can I combine it with the regimen listed on this website? Any help would be SOOOO much appreciated.

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Sorry, ashes...personally I don't have much experience with aloe vera (except with sunburns)--but you can definitely find your answer under the Search button on top. I'm sure people have posted about this topic before...GL <3 biggrin.gif

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S'up Ashes, i have loads of read marks all over my face from cystic acne, i was on accutane for 4mths, and ive not been off it for 1month, and luckily i haven't had any new spots appear! biggrin.gif/ ....anyway, ive been using aloe vera cream for about 5weeks, but unfortunatly it doesn't seem to be doing anything for my red marks, maybe i just need to give it longer, i dunno. But i will continue using it untill i finnish the jar, i'll keep you updated!

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