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Mild Annoying Acne...Any Suggestions?

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Hey all

My fiance' has been getting a few pimples at a time recently. She was on Mino and Differin gel...but she decided to go on the BC ring...and she can't take antibiotic on that...not that it matters b/c the mino seemed to be losing its effectiveness after a year. She's getting mostly pustular ones and they're annoying the hell out of her. Years and years ago she had it really badly and went through almost every topical out there including retin-a and clindagel and all that. I'd say her acne isn't bad at all but she's interested in something that isn't an oral antibiotic and BP and retin-a aren't a possibility b/c they irritate her incredibly...and the retin-a only made her "purge" for months and months...currently she uses a neutrogena astringent kinda thing and the differin gel...Just for fun I asked her if she'd take accutane ever if she knew it would clear her up and she emphatically said no...but she let's me take it...lol...any suggestions would be appreciated

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By her history that you describe and the fact she was prescribed antibiotics plus the fact you describe her acne as pustular doesn't have charachteristics of very mild acne. Anyway, sounds simply like she has got resistant to mino and should try another anti such as erymax and maybe a topical anti such as zyneryt or clindamycin. OR.......She could try the regime with the BP but it depends what you mean by pustular acne, it might be better to try it in conjunction with an oral anti. I can understand her reluctance to take orals but it depends how much her acne effects her and how much she wants to clear it. No one likes taking this stuff.....but it is simply a means to an end.

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well her reluctance to take the orals is based around its effect on her birth control...apparently even the ring is affected by antibiotics...thanks for the thoughts...I reccomended clindagel again...and by mild I mean not very many lesions...She has maybe 3 or 4 at a time and its more of an annoyance for her than anything...perhaps if the clindagel doesn't work she'll start on a course of BP at low intervals to start...b/c she tends to get very irritated by the BP...thanks again...

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