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UGH! Any advice from Accutane users beyond month 1?

I am nearly 38 years old, mom of 3, social worker, and grad student. I didn't have a problem with acne until I was around 30 when I started getting cystic acne. I started accutane approximately 3 weeks ago (seems like WAY longer) and everyday I wake up with more and more HUGE cysts on my face. I'm about 128 lbs and have been on 40mg 2x a day. I used to be extremely oily, but now I have dandruff and if I try to cover up the breakouts it looks scaley and nasty. I just want to crawl into bed and stay there until its over. Is there a typical time frame when the IB stops? I've been saying no to a lot of social events cuz I know how self conscious and uncomfortable I'll be.

Anyone have any words of wisdom or support?


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Hi, there. I am 31 years old and was put on 40mg for about a month now. I suffered with acne for ages but the past year it became cystic. I know exactly how you feel at the moment with not wanting to participate in social events and just wanting to hide out in your bedroom.. My IB began about a week into my treatment and got worst and worst each day.

However, I survived it and I am now just really dealing with the aftermath of it: lots of brown marks and two small stubborn cysts that are slowly looking better each day after some cortisone shots. The point is I can't really say when your IB will be done but it should be soon. My IB, I guess lasted about two weeks which if you think about it is nothing in comparison to how long we have with been dealing with acne. My derm did say that the first month or so will be tough but then after that it will get better and better. Hang in there!

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hey stacie, i'm right there with you. I'm 30 with a professional job and am currently on my 28th day, I have my month appt this week...and yeah, I'm also still in this horrible IB stage....about over 2 weeks now and it sucks....about tripled to what I started with before accutane. I'm also trying to get thru it and avoiding any parties or whatever but it is difficult. I've been on 40mg/day....just like you, I'm hanging in there. Can't wait for month 3-5.....those are supposedly the best months.....

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