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Happy Skin is Happy Days! Roaccutain Journey - Female/16/England - Day 8.

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mm my spots seem to be shrinking & dissapearing!

2 new ones appeared on my chest which was unusual because that's one of the places i never get them but nothing too un-managable!

the side effects have definately made an entrance!

side effects so far:

dry skin

dry/chapped lips

dry nose area

itchy skin

gums much more sensetive than usual

less tolerance to my contact lenses, fall out much more easier and are sometimes uncomfortable

sore back

i woke up this morning trying to find the vaseline whilst half asleep, as my nose is just so dry!

oh well, if these are the side effects then im quite prepared to put up with them.

its pretty hard not to pick the dry areas but i think im doing quite well!

my skin was a little redder than usual today but im hoping that was just a one off thing!

:):):) so good so far! hope i haven't spoke to soon!

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yay! another 16 year old =)

dangg those side effects sound harsh!

weird question haha but are you dry inside your nose too? or is it around the edges?

and are you taking any medications for your gums?

stay strong!

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