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Hi Everyone!!

Just a couple of questions, been using Isotrex Gel (0.05%) for 3 weeks now. My first question is, is Isotrex the same as Tretinoin? I've seen alot of posts about Tretinoin but not about Isotrex. Second question is, do you get an Initial Breakout with Isotrex Gel the same as you do with Isotretinoin? My skin seems so much worse now than it was 3 weeks ago, it's also loads more oily, is this a side effect too? I'm hoping that it is an initial breakout and not just my skin getting worse...!

Anyways, any help people?! x

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Hi xkatiex!

Isotrex Gel isn't the same as tretinoin it contains the active ingredient isotretinoin which is an isomer of tretinoin, they are therefore related to one another but not exactly the same. Confusing I know! Do you use Isotrex with any other acne meds for example topical preps or antibiotics? How liberally are you applying the gel? I found its best to use quite a bit but my skin is pretty tough, is your skin sensitive? If so try reducing the amount your using a little. It is possible you could just be having an initial breakout from using the gel considering the length of time you have been using it, maybe give it another couple of weeks and if your not seeing any improvement pop back to your doctor if you haven't done by now! Hope this helps!

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Hi Katie,

do you take the pill? or are you just using the Isotrex to get your skin under control? where do you apply it (just face?)?


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Hi, thanks for your responses.

Ruthie0123 I apply quite a lot because my skin seems to be pretty tough but have seen no improvement at all, in fact my skin seems to have worsened and looks worse than it ever has!!! I went back to my doctor today after 6 weeks and got myself a referral to a dermatologist thankfully.

annasui I am on the pill aswell, microgynon but have just got a prescription for Dianette to see if that improves my skin any. But I am just using Isotrex to try and get my skin under control. Why do you ask that about the pill?


Oh and yes just to my face, it's the only place I have acne, just down the right side of my face aswell...strange!! :)

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