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Start today. Don't live by that tired cliche "Live each day like it's your last". Treat each day like you started off dead, and this is the first day of you life. Acne takes too much from us. We allow it to steal our aspirations. We let this vain society steal our self-esteem, and for what? Why do we continue to buy into the theory that we're unworthy of social acceptance? To hell with what the person besides me thinks. What gives if that woman judges my appearance? I'm not here to impress her. Prove this, prove that. We all want to prove to this giant world that we're valuable in our own way, when the reality is, accepting ourselves is all that matters. We need strangers to tell us what we're doing is okay. Our desire to be accepted by others will destroy us if we allow it to.

Take a drive down the street and observe the people you see. Look at the examples that have been placed on stage for you to watch. The performance seems familiar, doesn't it? Our parents and elders speak to us about their dreams. The word regret will come up in that conversation countless times. The worst part is, nobody can save you from your constant state of misery. We hear, but don't bother to listen. But we placate ourselves with our future plans. I'm going to go to school soon, and I'm going to become this, and I'm going to start my family. When my acne goes away seems to be the most popular phrase. Then when time starts to rapidly pass, we can't even face ourselves in the mirror. Someday becomes sometime. Months turn into years. That dream we had? Never happened. It all looks the same. Just like the scars start to fade away from our face, so does any chance of catching that dream. All because we let acne steal it.

If you want it, it's there. Ripe for the taking. Arrogant intellectuals will tell you it isn't possible, but you're not here to impress them. Die chasing that dream if you want it. And so what if you don't achieve it? Somebody keeping score? Death is the only guarantee in life, and if you don't chase that dream, in your last moments you'll finally start to see that it's all over. A beautiful life wasted because you let the others pollute it; watching those opportunities flash by as that last breath finally comes out. Didn't happen.

You should write a book or something. Really. This made me say, literally, F*ck Acne. My fiance loves me, my family, and I do too. I love me. I have to remind myself of that sometimes. You can get overwhelmed looking "ugly" to others, you neglect yourself... Thanks for the post.

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very deep...This is why I like this website. Ever since I started coming to this forums, I tend not to care about my acne anymore. It has helped me so much

This is a funny story about myself........

For some reason, I have to take the shuttle to my college even though I pay for parking.Anyways. when I use to sit in the front of the bus in the first row. I was afraid because of the huge mirror in front of the bus. You know that HUGE mirror that everyone looks at and if you happen to sit in the right spot you are the first thing everyone sees. well I never use to look up because I was too afraid people were looking at me. I always looked down. I forced myself to sit there everyday so that I could get over that fear. Now I look at it and look at the people around. They don't even notice me... how silly of me to be a afraid of this mirror.

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