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Related to my antibiotics post! smile.gif

My story is this: I had relatively moderate cystic acne when I was younger, when to a dermatologist and was perscribed mincoin and benzamycin... This did wonders, I was completely clear. I was only on antibiotics for about 4-5 months. I stayed clear for about 3 years until last year when I started breaking out. I think it was around the time when I started drinking heavily and regularly (ie. every weekend or something).

I went to another doctor and i was perscribed minocin again, benzamycin again but this vitamin A acid. It didnt do anything... And this time around, I also had acne on my back. I tried this for about 6-7 months and stopped taking any medication whatsoever. I tried esthecians and facials but in my experience, they just made my condition worse. Right now, my acne is horrible... Its worse than ever.

Ive been going to a naturopath, been taking suppliments (calcium, multi and probiotic) and using vinegar. Its improving slowly but Im very impatient and acne has taken over my life. I went back to a doctor and wanted to take tetracycline and benzamycin, the things that cleared me up last time.

Currently my regimen is vinegar as toner, benzamycin topical, tetracycline antibiotic, and calcium, mutlivitamin and probitoic as well as zinc. Ive improved.

My question is, I know about the side effects of antibiotics but they ARE effective... I dont get any big inflammed ones when Im on them, but I am concenred about the effects on my liver and internal system. I was wondering if a probitoic, liver cleanse, chinese bitters etc etc. whatever to make my liver/intestines stronger would help while Im on antibiotics... Im really confused if I should do topicals and natural remedies and just not take any oral antibiotics.

I am also drinking lemon water. Any help is apprechiated!!

Thank You!

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Look, if you do the liver flushes and take all those herbs, you won't need antibiotics.

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Hi. Just want to say this is my first post, I've been reading posts on this board because I too am a sufferer of this disease. And after years of suffering, i'm on a quest to do this once and for all. I see that you say you want to go back on antibiotics. PLEASE DON'T. You are setting yourself up for disaster. Anti-biotics are a short term solution that will ultimately lead back to where you started, or maybe worse. Taking too many anti-biotics is the reason people suffer from a crap load of ailments in this country. Doctors are quick to prescribe antibiotics as a quick solution to anything and everything. There supposed to be used for hardcore emergencies, as they are very powerful drugs. Too make a long story short, the more anti-biotics you take, the more damage it will do by destroying your good bacteria in your system. In your body, there is good and bad bacteria. When in good health, they are balanced out and everything is well. When you take antibiotics, and for a long period of time, as the case with acne, you not only kill the harmful bacteria, but you kill the good bacteria as well. This puts your body in a crazy state of low immunity since your natural bacterial flora has decreased or virtually no longer there. Yeasts and fungus that are you usually kept in check by your good bacteria take advantage of your body's low defense and that's when you start to have a crap load of other problems besides acne. This is the reason you hear that people shouldn't take too many antibiotics or you will become immune to it. They become ineffective, and you end up taking more to try and get results. It will only end up hurting you more in your fight against acne. Believe me, I'm a testament to all of this. I started suffering with urine infections, foggy memory, acne got worse, and a slew of other crap attributed to antibiotics. Stick with cleansing your liver. Antibiotics will only weaken your liver because it has to process it everytime you take it. Your liver is biggest key to getting clear skin. I'm by no means acne-free, but I've decided once and for all that i'm gonna beat this thing one way or another. Just not the conventional way that derms and doctors say you should. Acne is not about bacteria. Its about, your liver, detoxing, eating habits, hormones, supplements, natural topicals, exercising, and stress relaxation. This is what I'm going to combine to rid of this disease that has literally taken my life away. And I shall succeed.

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