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Ziana Cleared My Skin

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Hello all,

I have not been on this site in about two years. Two years ago, I started Ziana, and it cleared my skin up. I just got mad because I saw some other site TRASHING Ziana. I think that there is not "cure" for acne, and that we all have such DIFFERENT skin issues. Some things work for some and not others. But if you did not try it, I just want to suggest you ask for ZIANA .

I started having acne in high school, then in college it went CRAZY. I looked like the worst pictures you might see on this site. I skipped school, I would cry when I had to go to work, I told my friends I was "sick." I had cystic acne all over my face (just face, no neck/shoulders/back/etc) and it was, of course, so painful! I tried everything there was. I did Differin TWICE and had no results. The derm at that time (I switched ) said I must be forgetting to use it and lying about using it daily. I did proactive, I did birth control, I did spironolactone, I did fish oil, I did asprin masks, salicylic acid, etc etc etc. I think a lot of it is probably still in my old signature. I thought my face was never going to change until I was so wrinkled you wouldn't notice the acne! I've never had any luck with any other topicals, so I didn't even WANT Ziana when my derm suggested it.

It's the best thing I ever did. I bought a new one today, and you know what, I HAPPILY gave my $200 bucks to the pharmacist, smiling all the way! If you think that's too much, then you probably aren't one of us who were so desperate we would have made a deal with the devil. My life is so different now, because I can just BE. I don't get up two hours earlier to start layering on Bare Minerals this and Neutrogena healing foundation that! I never have to cancel going out. I even sleep in my makeup sometimes!

I just wanted to say, in case you never heard of it, or in case you weren't sure, if you have really bad acne, please consider giving this a try. I would tell everyone if I could.

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So glad it worked for you! How long did it take to work? I have been on it 3 months and still have a quite a few bumps/clogged pores.

I think it did take awhile. I don't know if there is honestly any instant cure (like proactive made it better in two days, then worse than ever by two weeks for me!). I think it did take me at least 2-3 months to start clearing. I know I had an initial breakout period when I went on Ziana.

I see how different things work for everyone, but since I was one of these people who'd tried almost EVERYthing, I'm glad to hear people out there are trying Ziana! My derm said the next (and last step) was going to be Accutane for me if Ziana didn't work.

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