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is this the correct bactrim?

I believe the dosing for bactrim is different than many antibiotics...you may want to look into this...perhaps you take one a day for 10 days...which is how antibiotics are normally prescribed...you need to realize this isn't marketed much as an anti-acne drug...most dermatologists shy away from bactrim/septra...and therefor this is mostly prescribed for other infections that require a standard course of treatment...I'd look more in the cycline drugs if I were you...best of luck...

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I hate to beat a dead horse...but have you consulted a dermatologist recently for your acne? I'm sure you've gone to one in the past at least...and this board while very helpful is sometimes not the best place for medical advice...there has been a rash (no pun intended) of bactrim posts touting its success rate in treating acne...but that's all it will do..is treat it...and you most certainly cannot be on this antibiotic for any real amount of time...it is quite dangerous...considering its not made to be used as a maintenance therapy...this is a one and done type of drug...run a course and you're done (b/c it was designed for infections that can immediately be cured)...if you seriously want the drug...I'd suggest going to a derm and speaking with him/her about it...you most likely will get it...and you'll be much safer b/c monitoring will be done...you are of course free to get it online if that's what you want to do after you get a script for it... but as a med student...I'd highly recommend you try something out of the sulfameth group...

Here is a link about bactrim that I've posted a few times recently...It's my favorite b/c its a dermatologist board...and you get pro and con opinions...make the best choice for yourself...best of luck...


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I hate to do this but if you really want the medicine w/o a script...you can try google and searching for bactrim...and check out the various pharmacies...just read some other people's posts about dosage and such...I however would HIGHLY recommend against self medicating with this antibiotic...again best of luck with your acne...if you don't mind...please describe your situation..perhaps we'd be in a better position to help...

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I got put on this by my first derm at middlesex university in london

I read up about it and was a bit upset about the possible side effects...

Within a month I had switched to Doctor Chu at Hammersmith who put me onto Trimethoprim - which I have been on since last July

I am also using Isotrexin at night and Duac in the morning

My acne is under control and I have no issues at the moment..

I believe it is the sulfamethoxazole that is the main problem with bactrim, Dr. Chu confirmed this and one time I was getting my prescription and the chemist got confused and thought I was on the bactrim and had a fit at me about how dangerous it was for prolonged use..

personally I wouldnt want to go back on it - definitely without medical supervision

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