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Acne came from nowhere!

Hi people. I'm a 28 year old guy who NEVER had any problems of this sort. I rarely even got pimples when I was a teenager. However last summer I began getting more pimples (or so I thought) on my upper cheeck area, right above my shaving line. One would come up on one side of my face and last longer than usual. When it was about to clear I got another on the other side. This kept happening for 2/3 months or so. One of these "pimples" then turned into a cyst. (It might have been aggravated by the fact that I kept on picking on it). The only area on my face that was affected was my upper cheeck, everything else remained thankfully clear. In any case, I went to the derm and was surprised to hear I had mild acne. She put me on mynocycline but after 3 days I had to stop because of severe headaches. She then gave me doxycyline (100 grams 2 X a day), differin cream at night and clyndamicin in the morning. First 4-5 weeks I had small breakouts and at the 7 week mark I stopped getting new breakouts. I have been with same regimen for 14 weeks now and after the 7th week thankfully I have had no new acne, just 3 or 4 remaining red spots that wont go away. Since this is a first for me was wondering if I could get some feedback from you guys..

1) has anyone else suddelny gotten adult acne without ever having had ANY problems of this nature? If so, was it just a one time thing or do you keep suffering from acne?

2) after HOURS of thinking...the ONLY things I have done different differently in my life that might could have caused this sudden acne are a) I moved to l.a., california 2 years ago b) I started going to the gym last summer c) since last year I began drinking every saturday night when i go out.....any comments? theories?

3) Im scared to leave the doxy even though ive already been on it for 3 1/2 months. (I FEAR they will come back).

4) Even though i havnt gotten new acne in at least a month and a half the 3 red spots wont go...how long does it take for them to go? what can I use for this?

Thanks for your feedback. Any comments would be appreciated as this is completely NEW to me.

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Well my situation is kinda reversed. I had acne and am as good as clear now.

The cause, in your case, could be LA since the smog level is pretty high there ( I have been there on vacation). Working out shouldnt realy be a problem as long as you wash after have workded out. As for drinking, it does cause pimples. So cutting down on drinking will help in the long-run but wont make a dramatic difference.

I would recommend playing around with your regimen; meaning go off the regimen and see what happens. This way you can test if you need to stay on the regimen or not.

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