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6.5% TCA Peel Question

I was looking at past post but am not 100% sure, so hopefully someone can give me a proper answer.

I am going to do my tca peel soon, can someone answer me this:

1) Do i just apply one layer or more (if more how long inbetween) ?

2) If i have done a lactic peel recently, how long should i wait before doing the tca peel?

3) How long should you leave inbetween peels?


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I have been using TCA Complex. I don't know what the percentage is since the seller never disclosed it. I think it's about 6%.

What was suggested from the TCA I bought was to apply a layer every night for 1-3 days. (A LAYER to me means applying a full dropper of TCA and continually swiping it on the face until feeling a burning or stinging sensation) I did email the seller and asked about the burning sensation and she said that it means a layer of skin is being killed off. Which is a good thing.

How I applied my peels(have done only 2 so far):

1st peel - decided to apply a layer of TCA in the morning AND night for 3 days in a row. On the 1st day out of 3 days, first at night(didn't do it in the morning the first day) I applied 1 full dropper to a cotton pad then swiped it on continuously tell I felt a stinging or burning sensation I should say. Then I waited til the sensation went away. Next I applied a second full dropper or layer on the cotton pad and swiped it over my face again. I did get another burning sensation. The next 2 days in the mornings I applied one layer and it did burn again but not as much. In the nights I applied two layers again each night, but on the 2nd layer I used half a dropper instead of a full one.

I have to say the 1st peel that I did was good one. I did get alot of peeling.

Second Peel - I did it 2 weeks after the 1st peel and it was not that good. What I did different this time around was I didn't apply any layer or layers in the mornings(only 3 nights). I didn't get that much peeling as my first peel.

Next time I do another TCA peel I'm going to apply it in the morning and night again so I can get lots of peeling.

About the lactic acid peels. It would be best to wait 1 week before doing a TCA peel. I also do lactic acid peels and what I'm doing now is alternating the 2 treatments. My routine is I do an 85% lactic acid peel on a Sunday night one week. The next Sunday I start my 1st day of TCA application. I'm done peeling from a TCA by the time my next lactic peel comes around. Peeling is different with everyone. Some people peel slower. If planning to do lactic peels in between don't do it until fully peeled from a TCA peel.

TCA peels at a strengh of 6% can be done once a week if you want to. I think every 2 weeks is better to give the skin enough time for peeling. If you peel quick you can do it once a week.

Hope this info helps.........

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thanks very much for taking the time out to tell me all that, it is appreciated!

One thing though, how much of an improvment of red/brown marks (if you have any that is) have you seen with the TCA?

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I have to say with the combination of the lactic and TCA peels I have had about a 30% improvement in my cheek areas. They are now a light pinkish color. I have some brown marks on my chin. I think those are a little more stubborn. Then again the brown marks on my chin are fairly new from a recent breakout. I must keep doing further treatments to see how far I can get with results. I think the TCA is doing more of the job because of all the peeling. The TCA I'm using is one of the lowest strengths and I plan to buy a higher strength like 12.5% after I finish this bottle. I do think the TCA combined with the lactic acid will give me an evened-out complexion.

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