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Hello Everyone! :)

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Hello! Hello! I'm new here but I don't feel new. I've been visiting and reading for over a year and finally decided to get an account. I have moderate acne and I've had it since 8th grade. I'm in the 11th now and I've tried all sorts of stuff. Tons of topical medications and tetracycline which absolutely failed(my new dermatologist actually told me that he wasn't surprised when I told him this. Tetracycline, apparently, has never worked and it has been dropped by most dermatologists :eh: ).

Today I went to a new dermatologist and he prescribed me Amoxicillin(500 mg, twice a day) and Differin. I was okay with the Differin. I've heard about it, heard generally good things about it and I'm willing to give it a shot. It was the Amoxicillin that caught me off guard. I mean, Amoxicillin? I've taken it before for other infections of the sort but never acne. So, I don't know how much faith I have in my new dermatologist right now. Especially after also he told me to use Acne Free or Proactiv. My mouth fell open in shock. I can remember thinking he did NOT just tell me to try Proactiv. When I told him I tried everything I wasn't kidding. :snooty: I was not very happy with that.

I'm completely willing to try Amoxicillin and I was just wondering if anyone has used it too and seen good results or have heard anything good about it. I'm just hoping that I won't get a yeast infection. He did warn me about that...

I'm also going to cut milk out of my diet for a while and see how that goes. My father isn't pleased with this considering the fact that we are really big milk drinkers in my house but I figure that it's worth a shot. :)

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Hearing the words "proactiv" come from my derm's mouth has horribly depressing. I thought he was joking at first but he was dead serious.

Thanks! I hope they work for me too.

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