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Happy Skin is Happy Days! Roaccutain Journey - Female/16/England - Day 1.

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No change so far!

It seems silly that i'm posting this even though there's nothing much to log, but this is mainly just for me to record my progress and how i feel.

My mum had to tell my teachers because im going to be having every fourth monday off school.

All of them keep coming up to me going 'how are you, is everything okay?'

Its nice that people are concerned, but i sometimes wish no-one knew about it apart from my sclose family because then theyd think my skin had some sort of miracle change it!

I've been having loads of weird dreams about it too! Oh well, enough of this rambling crap!

How's everyone else doing?

Anyone like a week into accutane fancy telling me what side effect are first noticeable etc?

:) Thankyou!

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welcome! and good luck on your accutane journey.

In the first week you will start to experience the beginning side effects- dry lips and headaches. Try drinking lots of water to mask these effects :)

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I'm 17 , also in uk, and I've been on it since, 16th December. so im 2 months into it,

everyone reacts differently, but you will get dry lips and dry skin no doubts. i also got pains in my legs and back as time went on but now i cope with them..

best thing to get is Nivea Soft, its an intense moisturising cream so u can take it like if u get dry skin at school just slap it on, others cant see the white cream like some other products out there.

Also you'd need some strong stuff for your lips i brought Blistex relief Cream, little tube its so amazing, better than vaseline works better.

Dont expect tons to happen within the first 2/3 weeks i would say, as your bodys getting used to it. it can even get worse so keep your chin up. mine only really started to work after a month! how much mg you on?

they started me on 25. then 50 now im on 60.

Because im in the uk we have to take blood tests every month have you been told about doing that?

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