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Would anyone like to sell bp gel on Ebay?

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From talking with a few people and reading the boards, it sounds like Ebay is an important place to help people know about bp gel. I don't have the time to do it myself right now, so I wanted to know if anyone who is already an established Ebay seller would like to start selling bp gel.

This is how it would work: I can sell you crates of bp gel at a discount and you can sell it on Ebay and take all the profits. I think it could be a good way for someone to make some extra cash. Plus, more people will find out about the gel. It's a good win/win.


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hey Dan,

I am an ebay seller, username varun_goyal19

This is my suggestion. I honestly think it will be better if you establish a central ebay account. I think that way, less confusion will arise among the buyers.

Maybe this method could work. You could assign some people to do the ebay listings, some to handle payment, and some to answer buyer questions, and some to send the order information to your supplier.

Personally, I am willing to donate my time in helping you with ebay selling

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Guest fatman_uk

Was an idea on my mind, but i wanted to order about 100- 150 tubes... sadly i dont have a spare £1000 or so hanging around at the moment... =/


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Hey there Dan! I'm a former eBay Powerseller! I took a break from selling on eBay last month, and thus was no longer meeting the minimum requirements of selling $1000 worth of items in one month for 3 months. Unfortunately I don't think the demand for BP Gel on eBay is high enough to make much profit. If you do a search for BP Gel, you'll discover that there are no active auctions whatsoever for BP Gel. There are, however, Buy It Now auctions that are up 24/7, all of which seem to have unaffected quantities available. I may consider doing it in the future, however.

That's just my 2 cents!

PS, how much per tube for the discounted price for how many tubes?

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sounds like a good idea, dan. but it'd probably be smart to check how successful the bp gel would be on ebay first, perhaps a small amount to test the market? id be willing to do it, but i have only recently started using my own ebay account.

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