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Which method for AHA and BP will work the best?

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Ok so I'm cleared up but with like one pimple growing here and there, and a few brown/red spots on my face. I have school in the morning so I don't have time to apply BP. What would everyone suggest me doing.

1) Apply AHA in the morning by itself, and at night apply BP with moisturizer

2) Apply AHA in the morning by itself, and at night apply BP with AHA

3) Apply moisturizer in the morning by itself, and at night apply BP with AHA

I am sure someone is trying one of these and I would love to have some advice. Thanks a bunch! :)

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Id suggest making some extra time in the morning and applying BP then moisturizer. But if that's not an option then Id go with #3. The reason for that is because Dan's AHA gets flaky if rubbed after it dries. Unless you stay home all day in the morning and afternoon, Id suggest going with #3.

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Hey tflilal,

that's a tricky question indeed. My skin has cleared up almost completly too since I started BP four weeks ago. I'm now going to add AHA to my regimen as soon as my skin gets used to it. So I'm wondering how often and in what order I should apply both. Like you I just want to use BP once a day in the evening. So I came up with this regimen:

AM: AHA or moisturizer

Which one I chose depends on my skin condition. If it's too dry, flaky or irritated I'll skip the AHA, but I try to use either of them every other day.

PM: BP and moisturizer

I tried using BP and AHA together but that was to harsh for me.

Tell me what you are going to do once you have figured it out.

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Thanks for the response guys! I don't encounter any flakiness with AHA so I am able to use it by itself. I went with #1 because I'm guessing AHA works best when its directly on your skin since I still have red spots and brown spots left. The problem is, I don't know if I want to skip AHA ever since I want the spots to heal fast and also I heard that AHA will work best at night since your skin rejuvenate faster at night. This is why i came up with these questions lol.

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