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Starting Accutane

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I will be starting Accutane in about a month after I go through the iPledge system and everything. I will be doing a 5 month course of a high dose, I'm not sure exactly which dose yet. I'm nervous to see how bad my acne will get before it gets better, but it is all completely worth it if I end up with clear skin! I have one question, does Accutane help with scars? Because my scars are terrible! Oh and I've never had cystic acne before, just papules mostly, do you think I will get cysts or nodules while on Accutane? I think my acne is mild to moderate?



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First of all, after a couple weeks from reading i heard your acne gets worse. So whether you develop cystic acne or not is totally up to your body. I don't see any visible scars on you really either. Based on before and after pictures, when its all over it seems like you regain your regular complexion from the pinkish-red acne color and not much scars. I think when its over a lil sunshine might help, along with maybe visiting someone about scar treatment. I think you can treat scars until a couple months after having accutane in you though. You'll have to look it up. Good luck!

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Thanks so much for your help :)

Scarring - emu oil!!!


(God i should become a rep selling this stuff haha)

also before you go on it - My best tip - make sure you stock up on a good moisturiser that is non-comedogenic. I use cetaphil, can buy it off ebay for reasonable price. :)

I had "mild/moderate" acne.... and I didnt get cysts or nodules. But im not everyone... some would say unique! I'd say like everyone else :)


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