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Once you get acne are you always in risk of getting acne?

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Well my acne problem really started about 3 months ago, i went to a derm because i used to get two or 3 pimples a month and he gave me some BP and i started breaking out but at the same time i was constipated and that's when all hell broke loose, i lost control over my acne and started getting pimples on my cheeks where i'd never had before, i was constipated for about 2 months, i mean no bathroom for like 2-3 days, my face started to itch(still itches) and well here i am with acne and red marks. I am going to a naturopath because i know that this acne is related to some sort of internal imbalance.

My question is:

After i get by body back up to speed will i be in the risk of getting acne again.

I am 19, but i used to eat anything and everything and never got real acne, now i am on a strict diet and supplements so i can get rid of this acne. Well just want to see what you think.


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This one is extremely hard to answer.. I'm 21, and have had acne, since I was 18, it's had its ups, and it's down. I've tried so many different products it's crazy like everyone else. I'm "hoping", the older I get, maybe in 4 or 5 years time, I won't have to use any more topicals, but who really knows? My suggestion is if you find something that works, don't worry about if your acne is going to come back or not, just keep on doing what your doing and hope for the best.


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