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Well, I am pretty depressed

as my acne is slowly going away after too many years of ineffective treatments, I am noticing rolling scars mostly on one cheek

they look pretty shallow.

I am really depressed and scared, which I am sure many of you can relate to

I am 23. How much do you guess these will these improve with retin-a and about a year?

I want to wait a while before I embark on a scar revision journey- wait to make sure the acne doesn't come back and the hyperpigmentation fully fades. I will try the vinegar method because why not.

I wonder how much these might improve on their own.

any experiences or comments?

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inuk, speaking from someone who suffered with acne for more then 30 years and dealing with acne scars for almost 26 years, I can tell you in my case, that as the years roll by the scars appear worse.

My scars today look worse then they did 5, 10 and 20 years ago. As we age the skin breaks down, less collagen is formed, sun damage, gravity and aging in general all play negative roles on our skin.

I have used Retin A many many years ago when wrinkles and scarring weren't as important to me as breakouts. I have heard Retin A can help to a degree with scarring so it may be of help for you.

Good Luck

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