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Help! Inflamed wound

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Hi! I'm new to this - but I decided to give it a shot. There's got to be someone out there who can help. So I have mild to moderate acne - sometimes..rarely...I do get cysts. I use Proactiv and I also use RetinA cream about 3 times a week. I cleanse my face with Cetaphil and I always protect my skin from the sun. 4 days ago I noticed a deep zit - you know the ones that seem to go on endlessly under the skin. I KNEW I shoudlnt but I squeezed it BEFORE it was really ripe. What resulted was an ugly mess. Blood, pus and a wound. This morning I KNEW everyone was staring at the red mass the size of Texas on my cheek. My skin was thin anyway because of the retin A..and now I feel like I've really damaged my skin...I just put vitamin E on it. Been afraid to use anything else. ANy ideas on how to heal it? Its going to be a nasty scar isnt it? SHould I put my Proctive lotion on it? Should I put the retin A on it? Please HELP.


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I've had one of those big, massive craters too between my eyebrows once. It took weeks to heal for me. It didn't scar though. Do you have acne scars from before? If you aren't especially scar prone then I think there is a chance that it won't scar. Do NOT put retin A or anything else on it. If it feels really dry, then perhaps dab a little bit of moisturizer on it. Otherwise, let it be. The more you irritate it, the longer it will take to heal.

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I made that mistake years ago when I first started getting acne. I'm still paying for my ignorance today as the area is still red and it's the only place where I have a legit scar.

I agree with the above though. Don't put anything near it and see how it works out

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