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dosage concerns about accutane/sotret

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hi! i have been on sotret for about 2 weeks and have experienced dry lips and dry skin, which is completely bearable. I am concerned about my dosage though. I weigh 142 lbs and am currently taking 2 40mg capsules a day (so 80mg a day). This averages out to about 1.3mg/kg per day, which sounds much higher than what many people seem to be taking on their first month, but many of these people are taking roaccutane or something other than sotret.

So my question is: is 1.3mg/kg of sotret too much to start, or is sotret a weaker form of accutane than say roaccutane, so it needs a higher dosage?

My doc considers me to have moderate acne and it hasnt been cooperating with about 3 other oral medications (tetracycline, minocycline, and duricef) and several topicals (rosac, retin-a, etc.) before accutane for about 5 years.

Any input would be appreciated since I am very concerned. THANK YOU.

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I weigh a little less than you, and was on that dose my second month. It caused some really whacked out triglyceride readings, and I'm back down a bit. Sotret is functionally the same as Accutane -- same active ingredients, and supposedly working the same way with body chemistry.

I wouldn't be too concerned until you get your blood tests back at the end of the month. The high initial dose may make your IB worse, or so some of the anecdotal evidence of people's stories here indicate.

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