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New Accutane Log Start 6 Feb 2009

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Took my first pill just now. I am on 90MG/day to start (6'3", 240lbs) 3x30. Doc says we may up the dose to 4x30.

So far, have taken OTC Benzyl Peroxide, and Rx Benzaclin. I have taken Doxycycline as an antibiotic.

After they failed, I turned to Retin-A. It made my skin terribly dry, and I peeled endlessly. So much, that I preferred the acne to the peeling. I didn't really apply a moisterizer, so that may be to blame, but if the Accutane makes me peel as much as the Retin-A, I don't know if I will be able to bear it.

I will update regularly.

I guess my questions are, will the accutane make me peel as much as the Retin-A? With correct moisterizer, can you take accutane and have no peeling??

Also, is the dose too high as a start?

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Day Two

Well, of course the second I dropped the first 30MG, my lips dried up, I got a headache, and my back hurt :angel: (All in my head of course).

This morning I took my AM 60MG and am waiting for the fun to begin! My face really is not too bad...in fact two doctors and a pharmacist looked at my face and said that they did not want me on the TANE. That opinion took a turn when the shirt came off, and both doctors had the same quote..."Okay...nevermind...Let me get an iPledge booklet".

So maybe, the IB may not be so bad on face, but I guess I just have to wait and see.

BTW, 90x30MG Setret was $105. Any other generics that are less?

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I was on Retin-A and can sympathize with you on the peeling. I've only been on Accutane for a little more than a week and its getting to be just as bad as when I was on the Retin-A. But just keep in mind that you're only going to be on Accutane for about six months as opposed to two years on Retin-A (for me) with shitty results.

Good luck!

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