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Oi Vay, help plz!

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hi everyone.

Tonight I'll be taking my 15'th claravis pill. I take 40mg daily. So far, the only side affect I've noticed is that my lips are very chapped, but aquaphor takes care of that. I'm glad to report that I, so far, have not reacted badly to it. However, I haven't really noticed a difference in my skin yet!

I haven 't had an initial breakout from the claravis, in fact I don't think there have been any new breakouts since I've been on it. It's just a matter of clearing up what's already there. Since I haven't seen any results yet, like.. at all, not even in its mildest form, I'm worried that I may be one of those people whom accutane doesn't work for at all!!! That is my worst fear, that I go through it, and it doesn't work.

I think the statistic is something like... for 15% of accutane users, it doesn't work. That is a relatively small percentage, but it could be anyone!

I was wondering... someone taking 40mg claravis daily, after 2 weeks... had you noticed any changes? and if so or if not, when did you notice results?!

Please someone answer me, I'm so freakin out!


love steph

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hmm....my IB started after nearly one month on Accutane...plz don't be too much anxious...my derm said that the Accutane should have taken 10 days to get in your blood...

good luck

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Don't panic....I have been on Accutane for one month and have not really had any results. If anything, it's gotten worse. Not IB worse, but I am still getting the zits. I saw my derm two days ago for a refill and she said that some people don't see results until they are into the second month and "don't panic" were her words. She also upped me from 40mgs to 60mgs. So my advice is to give it some time to work, you have only been on it for two weeks!

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woah give it time! lol my skin got WAY worse before it got better! my IB lasted 10 weeks and THEN got better. most people dont start to see results until the 3rd month. i know its depressing to hear that... but the wait is definitely worth clear skin!! i didnt think my skin was EVER going to clear up.... but it did and i couldnt be happier. good luck!

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