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Roaccutane, 30yr old female, holistic life...

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Hi everyone! I just wanted to share my roaccutane journey w/ you all... In the hopes that

it will help someone / make others feel that they are not alone in this!

Info about me:

5'5 1/2 120lbs

Diet ranges from wheat free vegan to vegetarian

Yoga daily combined w/ other sports

Light coffee drinker

Skin regimen: Origins face wash, skin brightener (sls free) (since switching to this product, i have had less cystic activity underneath the jaw line)

Climate: 80's-high 90's most of the year

Day 1-Day 11 on Roaccutane:

Headaches from Day 2-8. Hungrier ALL THE TIME. Severe highs when drinking coffee.

Better sleep, but want sleep ALL THE TIME. Chapped lips noticed Day 10. No dry skin yet.

Blemishes clear up faster. Currently have on Day 11 only 3 lg sized acne blemishes that are dry.

Had some stomach pain Day 3,4,5.

Joint pain from Day 4-current. No notice of hair loss, though I have an itchy scalp at night.

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Hi Yogionmed!

I'm also 30 years old. I'm 5'4'', 110lbs and I am under roaccutane 20mg. I have also suffered acne for 15 years. Actually with a 10 year break due to hormone treatment, but I really don't count that since it messed up other body functions.

I started accutane Nov 29 and my skin is almost clear on my face! Lots of work left on my back but I hold on. I cannot run anymore due to joint pain. I am also more tired than usual, but I wouldn't stop because of those. I can only keep taking dance classes at the moment.

Another 30-year-old is here in this forum. Carmelle started too, she's 31.

I just wanted to say good luck!!!


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Yeah, thirties in the house!

Hi, I about 2 1/2 weeks into my treatment, 40mg. Battling an IB but already see some improvement in skin texture. I also had headaches after the first week, it went away but since yesterday it has come back. No joint pain or hair loss and no problems falling asleep but wake up about twice in the middle of the night. Keep posting and we will continue to check on you.

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