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Please give water method a try---it is helping my hormonal acne

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Well I have nodular acne on my chin for aboyt two years at some points i was frustrated and disgusted and always searched for answers to my proble. Poractiv I believed caused this nodules on my chin area that have since never gone away, did everything from Proactiv, bp, neutrogena, Laser treatments, recently antibiotics and retinol--which I only did for a few days cuz I did not want to risk my face breaking out more, and finally ahhh good old mother nature.

I have lately been into holistic medicine and tring not to add any chemicals onto my face that can trigger acne or make it worse, I first switched to an all natural facial that i purchased on bestbathstore.com, then bought vitamins and minerals to help with acne flare ups. My acne was down from where I used to be at but I was still getting ugly nodular acne on my chin area and it was so frustrating especially cuz I ate right, exercised, and wash my face. So obviously there is an imbalance inside my body. I did a lot of research i mean like weeks and was really into this water ,method I heard about, I took notice how when I wake up in the morning my skin looks good, as soon as I put water, my skin look red and irritated. So I began to eliminate the need tpo wash my face and used witch hazel to remove makeup, and lemon juice to exfoliate and tone and lighten red marks and olive oil to mositurize, see the key is that wvery time we wash our face we strip our natural oils and our skin gets the message that we need to produce more oil and thus causes breakout. I was getting little whiteheads i guess from drinking lemon juice is was clearing impurties from my body, and yes I would be tempted to touchj, but i notice no red huge bumps!!!

I have been doing this routine for about 3 weeks or so and my skin is the best it has looked in a really long time, it isn't perfect, but it is not disgustingly filled with bumps all over my chin and I get the occasional whiteheads due to not eating right lets say for a special occassion or I eat fast food. I would suggest give it a try if you think you have acne like mines I mean if all this time we have tried everything cleansers, pills, topicals and nothing ahs worked---try to ease it to one thing such as all natural facial soap, and watch how your skins calms down and adjusts into what nature intended to heal on its own.

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I am really glad this is helping you! I also wanted to comment that because your acne is on your chin, it most likely due to hormones. Green smoothies can greatly help with this, so I advise checking out the link in my signature. :)

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