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Chemical Peel: Salicylic Acid

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I have never used this product but I am always wary of doing major things like this at home. Also, at home treatments are always far less effective than if you go to a professional. Although, I am sure they are more expensive. Just be careful!

I am reading about this and sounds good!

Anyone have any expirience on this or know about positive or negative results?

here is one example:

Any thoughts?


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Have you done it with a prefesional? If anyone has any type of expirience on this I would like to read it please.


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I actually had this done last week at a MediSpa by a professional esthechian.

I have been on accutane before and have pretty much tried everything. Accutane did not work for me.

When I went to her I had 3-4 clogged pores on my left cheek, some clogged pores on my forehead, 2 pimples on my right cheek, and over all some redness and indented scarring on both cheeks which was caused by having acne for the past 6 years.

Anyways when I went in first she gave me a deep pore cleansing, she opened up my pores using steam and once it was open she cleaned out my pores and black head using needles and popped my pimples, so everything was cleaned out. After that she did some skin resurfacing which im not sure it helped. Finally, she applied salicylic Acid Peel -20percent. It BURNED and STINGED like I have never felt before. She told me that there would be no down time and my skin would peel smoothly nott like snake skin.

Next Morning my skin looked terrible, patches of dryness and black spots and it looked like it was crusting. Maybe it was my skin but thre was downtime for me I waited for 3-4 days when it finally started peeling. My new skin looked amazingly soft and the scars seemed less.

But now its the second week and my scars seem the same as before the procedure. I would like to do another peel again, but because of the downtime.

Overall, the red spots on my skinn appear less red and seem to be fading, but the indented scars are the same. I did break out again this week.

Hope this helps.

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i'm sorry, my english sucks...

My derm always do it to me everytime I visit him. it is great for red marks and very mild acne but almost useless for scars (in my case)... otherwise, the last time it didn't make too much effect of my red marks. I don't know why my face didn't peel this time like it use to...

I have sensitive skin so the first day my face gets really red but it calm down a lot the next day. I use to start peeling on the 3-4th day, but not to much. It can burn a lot to some people.

I recommend it, but it is not a miracle treatment

good luck

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