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I just received my first bottle of Acnetix. Before deciding to order it, I read through many reviews about it and considered both sides of the "its a scam" theory. I decided that from what I read, noone really had sure proof that this was a scam, and that there was a large amount of positive reviews. One interesting post I found was from a lady who had bought acnetix off of e-bay and decided to read through the sellers feedback. So, curious, I went onto e-bay and looked for acnetix and what I found was that the person who had sold it got a lot of positive feedback about the product, so I figured that this product was valid. ANYWAYS.. getting to the point...

I have only used the product once, but I figure I will give you all my first impressions and thoughts and then fill you in as I keep using it. This product is not pretty. it has a fairly distinct smell, mostly like tea tree oil (Note* I am a massage therapist and I use essentials oils in healing. Tea tree oil is a VERY AWESOME healing oil, but it's smell is very strong and recognizable) combined with the other oils that are in the product. The mixture is very gritty, but not unpleasant. basically it feels like a sand scrub. I just used this about 10 minutes ago and I am still amazed at how fresh my face feels! I was originally using a 3 part face cleansing package from Arbonne which includes a cleanser, toner and face cream. Usually my face starts to feel dried out (espescially in the winter like now) right after I dry it off and I have to pile on mousturizer which just makes my face more oily again. But after using Acnetix my face feels hydrated and smooth and I don't see any dry spots!

I'm sorry this post was so long, but I just really wanted to be able to put in my input and give another opinion. from my first impression, Acnetix is very promising. I DON'T WORK FOR THIS COMPANY so please don't assume anything. I think that all acne is frustrating and I just want to help other people find what might work for them too. I will try to keep you updated as to what happens with more use. God Bless all of you!

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i tried it to. I dident use it all but decided it wasent right for me so I tried to return it and guess what the email dident work and I havent been able to get in touch with them since. That was last October. I found an phone number online that works but its not the one on the site and the persons box is always full. It is a scam dont buy it. :evil:

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