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Can sprouting facial hair cause acne?

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I'm close to the end of my rope; I've had moderate acne since I was 11 years old. I'm now 18, and I'm still dealing with this crap.

I've had acne in every spot on my face; forehead when I was 12, nose when I was 13, lips and chin when I was 14, EVERYWHERE since I was 15 to now.

Right now my main problems are my cheeks, and the sides of my face, the "chinstrap" area.

I've always had somewhat of a baby face; I can grow a killer goatee, but the sides of my face, where a beard should grow, is very sparse. In the past few months I've had terrible, big pimples in this area, where I've never had them before. They're persistent; I use Proactive faithfully and exactly as recommended, I took dairy completely out of my diet a few weeks ago, I don't touch my face during the day, I eat VERY healthy, I don't pick at my acne, (anymore,) and I make sure I have a clean pillow case, yet I continue to get pus filled zit after pus filled zit in this area of my face.

I have, however, noticed that my facial hair has started to grow fuller and thicker in the past few weeks, about to where there's a noticeable shadow in the morning. Is it possible that this is what is causing my acne, the facial hair budding? The reason I think this, is because when I was about 14, I was just starting to sprout facial hair, and I had the same persistent pimples on my lips and chin. I now haven't had a pimple in that area for about 4 years or so, and my facial hair in that area is extremely coarse.

Help please!!

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Im sure its different for each guy, but I am currently having the opposite problem. For me, where I can grow a shadow beard I am almost always clear; but the areas right above it and below my lower lip seem to breakout in whiteheads all the time.. If I were you I would drop proactive, and get on Dan's regimen, or pick up some prescription antibiotics or accutane. I tried all that crap as well, but accutane is the only thing that has truly worked for me (mild acne personally).. as you can see by my name lol

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is it possible that what you're experiencing is ingrown hairs? you may want to look into that. if that is the culprit, anthony logistics (something like that) has a line of products made specifically for men with ingrown hairs.

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I used to use Proactiv too. It worked alright for me, but eventually dried my face out to the point of feeling numb and to where I couldn't even smile without my face feeling like it was cracking. I always had constant whiteheads popping up along the lip line, chin and mustache area. Got really annoying because that was where my acne was most persistent. Got fed up with Proactiv, switched to Murad and ended up with a much worse skin condition.

So looking to fix what Murad ended up doing to my skin, I found this site. Watched all the videos, did my research and ordered the products. The Acne.org kit is honestly the only thing that completely cleared up my pimples I constantly got around the lip line and around my mouth and chin area. I'm always growing and keeping my facial hair in the mustache area, below my lips and on my chin. And I hardly ever get pimples there anymore, so shaving when I want to is so much easier now. I also discontinued my shaving cream and began shaving with my cleanser instead. I actually found that the shaving cream was causing the last few persistent whiteheads that were always popping up around the shaving area.

I know it almost sounds like I'm advertising the Acne.org kit right now. I hate to sound that way, but I'm simply letting you know what solved my problems that sound quite similar to yours. This Acne.org Regimen put an end up to them quite quickly.

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