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Dianette? Good, Bad, Ugly?

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I just came back from my GP where I have been prescribed Dianette.

I was so excited because it has taken me literally 3 years to even get the courage to go.

I thought he would give me something that works to clear my back, but I have looked it up and I can barely find anyone who Dianette has worked for long term.

I have never tried anything for the acne on my back and chest before on prescription, and was wondering if there is a better safer alternative, that has good chances of working long term.

Has anyone tried Dianette and would you recommend it?


(also if it helps I dont have an acne problem on my face really just on my chest and back)

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I used Dianette for quite a few years and it kept me 100% clear - I almost forgot about my acne! But then I developed melasma (discoloration - dark patches of skin in the face) because of the BCP. If this hadn't happened I would still be on them. If I were you I would go for it. :)

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I used diane for a few years, it was okay to start with but didnt take very long for me to be:

sick (had to take it at night time so i could function during the day)

no labito

mood swings

painful sex (i'm married, so not helpful at all!)

didn't clear my skin 100% (more like 70-80%)

acne returned to full strength once i stopped taking it

(2 of my friends also had the same problems)

um, but everyones different. Do you take Evening Primrose Oil? i highly recomend it for balancing hormones. 2 tsp Apple cider vinegar mixed in water drunk daily to clean insides.

You could trial it, but i am a chemical free kind of gal, so i am bias to not taking it.

Good luck

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