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Guess My Problem

Do you sometimes wish for a partner with acne?

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Do you sometimes wish you had a gf/bf with acne?

As weird as it may sound, I have found myself pondering what a relationship with a person with acne would be like. I know some of you are probably wondering what I mean. Let me explain.

I have never dated a girl with acne. Not because I wouldn't but because things have just never worked out that way. I have always been attracted to the girls I have dated in some way or another but I have always doubted if they were attracted to me. In fact, when a relationship ended badly, my skin has always been the first thing that comes to mind. I always think "If my skin was clear this wouldn't have happened". It's not that I always worry about my acne but I just can't help but think it plays a role in my relationships. I know if it does play a part, it is certainly a small part.

I feel the major reason is that there has been a lack of understanding in the relationships. I have not found a person that I can really relate to on some deeper level other than a physical attraction. I am talking about a bond that comes from sharing a similar experience and having a mutual appreciation for what the other has been through.

Guys and girls, call me crazy but I just can't help but feel like a girl with acne is the girl for me. Not that us both having acne would automatically make us a perfect match but I feel like because our condition is such a pervasive and often emotionally challenging condition, that we would be able to relate on a deeper level. The deeper level of relating (wait, does that sound right? lol) that only comes from walking in the same shoes.

At least then, if the relationship fails, there will be no feelings of "oh, its my acne".

It's not that I am always thinking about my skin but it would be so nice to know the other person is more worried about their skin than mine. It could really be a relationship where both people support each other in a unique way because we share the same condition.

I am really having trouble articulating this well because its like 2am and I have been driving all day long so I am dead tired but I just needed to get it out there. I guess though, if I could sum up what I am saying in just a few sentences I would say that perhaps having acne is not such the curse I have believed it to be in the past. Perhaps it has allowed situations to occur which have allowed me to see things in a different light. In a light where acne is not a destroyer but possibly a uniter and a catalyst for a positive change in the way we relate to our significant other. Perhaps it is our afflictions which really define us and the way we interact with others. Really, maybe, having acne has made many of us more understanding and considerate and has opened the door for being able to relate to somebody on that "deeper level" that I and maybe others on this site have been yearning for.

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Ha. It's late over here too, but I understood what you're trying to say. It brings humility, that is for sure. I've tried to relate to people on a deeper level. Without acne, I might not have cared to connect in that way. It's too bad that it took a condition like acne to realize this. Sudden changes can bring a new perspective.

To answer your question, It doesn't matter if the woman has acne. It honestly would not bother me if she had breakouts. I understand. You want to meet someone who can understand you. I've never met a woman that I was comfortable discussing acne with.

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