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Zaphod Beeblebrox

5% BP once a day instead of 2.5% BP twice

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Hello guys,

I'm on the Regimen for four weeks now. However, I don't follow it as precisely as Dan recommends. Means, I just apply 5% BP in the evening and nothing but moisturizer in the morning. Reason for this is that I already had myself bought a 5% gel before I came to this website and I thought it would be to harsh to my skin if I used it twice a day.

Question now is how I should proceed with the regimen. Since my BP runs short I wonder whether I should buy a 2.5% version or stay with the 5% one. I don't have any active acne spots anymore and consider the BP treatment rather as a precaution to prevent further breakouts. I am afraid the 2.5% BP might be less effective, even if Dan says otherwise.

What would you recommend me to do?

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well from what people say and from what results in experiments show 2.5% and 5% are pretty much at the same level in effectiveness. Just 5% is harsher on your skin. I started out with 2.5% a couple weeks ago, it has helped a million but the first week my skin was all burning and itching and It even cracked in a couple places. By the second to third week everything healed and now no matter how much i put on it barely burns or tingles, but it still works better than ever and my skin feels amazing esp after i apply moisterizer, many people on here have dropped down to 2.5% from 5 or 10 because it gave them same results with less side effects

honestly man if 5% is working for you without burning your skin i would suggest you stick to it. Nothing wrong with good results.

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