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need encouragement accutane week 10

I was so happy when I finally was able to get on this therapy, week 7 is when I thought I went through the BIG break out period. Bam...forhead and bridge area on nose attacked by Big painful pimples. I even got one on each side of the bridge deep in my eye sockets. They dont want to go away, nor do they want to develop, they are big lumps under my skin. Looks horrible. My hopes are down, I been battling acne for ten years, my cheecks havnt had a breakout though, i guess thats a positive. Just wanna wake up and look in the mirror and be proud of what I see.

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Hey! cheer up...you'll be clear before you know it. Just look at it as the medicines way of pulling everything gross out. You wouldn't want those suckers to show up later would you when your off the meds? Just look at them and feel that in time they will be gone never to return. Drink lots of water, rest. We're all pulling for you! [-o<

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LOL cyan, i got that eye socket shit too! lol it looked like i just got into a scrap, it was all swollen it wasn't a pimple or a cryst i was like wtf!. K well it took me 3 months for my accutane to finally kick trust me...IT WORKS! :-({|=

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