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I want to look good in the morning???

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So basically, I've got mild acne... maybe moderate... depends on ur defintion. It pretty much only affects my chin/jaw area. I get the odd one on my cheek or forehead but never anything to worry about really. Anyways, so after a lot of research I learned that chin/jaw acne is due to hormones...?? I have been on the pill since I was 14, Tri-Cyclen which is suppose to help acne but I never found that it did jack shit. My acne just got less and less as I got older, but I have been finding my chin/jaw area to be getting much worse. So a month ago I went off my pill. The results have been pretty fantastic. Its not perfect, I've got a couple small pimples on my jaw but I really can handle them they are nothing serious. I was getting a cyst like once a week on my chin or big pimples 2 or 3 at a time. I couldnt handle it anymore. I was NEVER clear. Now, my problem is that I have all these red marks... and scar things... only on my chin, no where else on my face. Now I read that ACV is supposed to be great for red marks... so I used it and the results were pretty good.... but I didn't dilute it. And now I have these huge patches of dry/red skin. I have one big one on my cheek, one big one on my chin, and a little one not on my cheek not on my chin but around that area. It flakes if I put make up on them but if I don't the don't flake... But you cant see them if I put make up on them. So my skin was looking pretty good and the one big red patch on my face was actually going away but then on Friday I got really drunk and my "non-boyfriend" stayed the night and so I didnt take my make up off, I just kinda splashed my face with water. Well, my skin was soooo dry the next morning. It was flaking and it was painful and I had to put more make up on it until he went home cuz I didnt want him to see me looking like that. So anyways, he went home and then I did my routine and everything gave my skin some time to breathe but it didn't get moisterized in time for me to go out really, so I had to put make up on again.... Then I stayed the night again at my non-boyfriends! again, I splashed my face with water but had to apply make up right away but this time it looked terrible! It was so flaky and inflamed and it was awful!!

I wish I didn't NEED make up. Like... how nice would it be to wake up next to somebody and not feel humiliated about the way you look? What bothers me is I am really good at doing my make up... my skin usually looks flawless. But like... i love swimming. i love spending the night with him... I just want to be comfortable doing so. How do I get rid of these red marks, these little scars, and these red patches of dry skin?! It doesnt have to be perfect... I just don't want to feel like a monster when I wake up next to a guy who is gorgeous.... lol He never said anything to my face and he never looked at me like he was scared or anything but I felt awful.....

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I don't really have any advice for the dry skin, as that happens to me as well. I find that for me, it goes with the seasons: oily in the summer, dry in the winter. It happens to me for a while...and then just...I dunno, disappears.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help, but you're not alone!

And lol @ non-boyfriend...is that like a friend with benefits? :P

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i'm confused at your routine. are you still using undilute acv? i would discontinue use immediately and moisturize like crazy. also, i find that i'm usually dried out if i sleep in my make-up overnight, so you might want to think of bringing a make-up wipe and some moisturizer next time.

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I have the same problem with my boyfriend. We've been together for over a year and I'm sure he recognizes that I have acne. It's not THAT bad, but I'm still self conscious about it...

We practically live together, so he always sees me in the morning.

I wish i could get into the habit of washing my face EVERY night but I tend to apply light makeup after I shower-before bed! It's soooo bad, I know. But I still do it all the time because I don't want him to see my acne. =(

I love that we spend a lot of time together and don't get sick of each other, but I'm starting to think I should have him sleep at his own house for a while so I can stick to my regimen.

Also I'm not starting my new diet until next month... we always eat together and he influences the way I eat. So that's going to be a major change.

Wish i didn't have to wear makeup to be comfortable....=(

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Yeah I think about that alot like when I'm older how am I going to look at my future "husband" when we wake up in morning next to eachother if I dont have makeup on. I guess since they married you, they married YOU and dont care about that stuff. but anywayss, I would just clean your face before bed then wake up before he does and put on some light makeup. I do that at sleepovers ;)

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try taking off your make-up with jojoba oil (also moisturizes) then just blending a light concealor over the really bad parts. you can even mix the concealor with moisturizer, i sometimes do that

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