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Right how to get over the obsession with my skin

right sorry if i sound like a twat here because i know loads of you have really bad scars and active acne and well....i dont....but i have the usual red marks (which are fairly light but still very noticeable) all over my face and some active acne on my body.

now to cut a long story short i've had a tough 5 years and im leaving school and going to college this year...im going to a 5 day music festival at the end of august (reading festival.......i live in the uk)and well i've decided that its time to forget my marks and to stop thinking that no girl would like me because of them.

any ideas on how i could,im scared ill mmmm find a nice girl and mmm well u know and then she'll get grossed out by the body acne....im not sure.i just need to get over this obsession is all,i've told myself that

A)socialising at reading happens at night mainly when u cant see the marks

B)if everyones drunk no1s gonna care about my skin

C)i dunno

i dont want to meet a nice girl and fuck it up over insecurites....any advice

ps.btw im using the vinegar method and a SA wash atm to try and speed up the marks.

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Always keep a smile on your face. ALWAYS! biggrin.gif

The less you think about it, the less she will to. Confidence is a must. user posted image

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I find that when I keep myself occupied with schoolwork, my internship, and extracurricular activities that I barely think about my face. Of course, it will popup once a while in my head. It's just not as constant because I am so preoccupied with other activities. I think being involved helps, even though sometimes I would rather not get involved in situations where I need to interact with ppl.

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