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Retin A cream Vs. micro whats better?

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I know this is not the Retin A forum, but they don't seem to be answering posts over there so I figured I'd give it a try over here. I'm curious which is better between the micro or the cream? I've been using the cream .025% since November and didn't have many problems just a little dying so my derm switched me to the micro .04% and my goodness it has done a whammy on me! I broke out on my chin which I haven't had in 4 mths, and I started peeling, so what gives? I thought the micro was suppose to be less irritating? Why would it cause a breakout?

Also, does anyone know if one is better than the other the micro vs. the cream in the long run in treating acne and what about the strengths, is a higher strength better? Hope someone can shed some light here.


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Unless your acne is very mild, topical tretinoins aren't going to do much besides peel your skin off and make it turn red, and it may even worsen your breakouts. As someone who used Differin for nearly eight months and Retin A for three with absolutely NO results, I would strongly suggest finding another method.

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Yes, my breakouts are very mild, and the Retin A cream has worked for me until the derm switched me to the micro, which I was told it was less irritating, so I'm a bit confused with that. For me, the Retin A is the only thing that helps keep my skin clear. Just need to figure out if the cream or micor is the better choice, especially in the long run.

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