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New kiD

My progress blog [Updated 10/2/10 + pics] A Year on!

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Thought ill set-up a thread for myself to post my thoughts, and how my skin is etc, ill post up pics every few weeks too. So, be sure to post your thoughts back etc =)

On weekdays i have school. So when i wake up, i simply wash with warm water and pat dry. So that my skin does not look red or go flaky for school. I also apply a small bit of moisturizer on my face. Then when i get home I wash with warm water again, pat dry, and apply Retin-A over my face (unless I'm going out somewhere), then same again before I go to sleep.

On weekends, If im not going out, I will do the same as above but apply Retin-A in the morning, and maybe also in the afternoons, then before i go to sleep.

Pics from about 2 weeks ago. My skin looks very pale and shiny etc because ive just washed it and applied Retin-A :)



Few weeks back i was also using a benzoyl peroxide wash, but it didnt really do much good for my skin.

Heres my again, face is pretty red from that wash, but my face goes red when drinking loads of strongbow haha


Ill make sure ill post on here at least 3x a week =)

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03/02/09 Update

Ok, ive added AVC to my regimen. In the mornings i drink 2 tea spoons, and same in the evening. Ive also been soaking my face in hot water for 60 secs in the morning, and 60 secs at night. Then applying Retin-A 0.01% before i go to sleep.

Had a bad breakout on my forehead this week, its starting to go away now. I think it was the initial breakout from the Retin-A.

Heres pics which ive just taken, if you compare it with the pics in my first post, there has definitly been an improvement.



You can see the main breakout on my forehead on one of those pics. Also a patch on my cheek where there is a bunch of recovering spots next to eachother, they aint active, just waiting for them to dissappear lol.

Please someone comment, im doing this blog for myself, but would love to see some replies, and if anyone wants to try the same regimen as me.

All the best.

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Hey NewKid : do you wait about 150-30 minutes after washing before applying Retin-A ?

I think the best combination that you can use topical antibiotic like Clindamycin or something like that to improve Retin-A.

I do my regimen like that. In the morning, I apply Clinda Gel & Sunblock, and Evening retinoic acid topical. I get it from my derm.

Did Your derm not suggest that regimen ?

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I just went to my GP, been loads of times. They just try me on something different each time. He just put it on at night lol, but ive made my own lil regimen lol.

I normally apply the retin-a about 5-10 mins after soaking face in hot water.

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o i see, try to wait 15-20 minutes to prevent more irritation and redness, and dont wash you face with hot water, maybe warm water, or cold water would be better... since hot water makes our face more dryness.

So far, how's your progress ?

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Retin-A worked pretty well for me. Remember: Less is more. You don't want to irritate your skin.Use sunscreen with at least an spf of 15. I used the micro version. Hope you see great results soon. You will most likely have to wait seven weeks to start seeing some considerable progress. Good luck with your regimen.

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I'm not really getting dryness tbh, and I do put quite alot on. My skin is definitly improving, ive got pics of my face 3 weeks ago, and some taken last sunday, so you can the difference.

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05/02/09 Update

My skin is looking good, the initial breakout i had on my forehead is going. I woke up today with a lil breakout on the sides of my lips, but they are going already.

My skin looks good, BUT as soon as i go into one of the toilets at school where all the walls are bright white and its a bright room, i look in the mirror and my face just looks absoutely awful, makes me feel like complete crap. Then as soon as i got back to my classroom, when no one was looking (my class is small), I used my phone and took a pic of my skin, and it looked fine. That room is just awful :(

I want to stick with the retin-A and ACV regimen for about 4 months, this truly is my last resort, if it dont plan out. Ill go on accutane, which means no drinking, which i do often :(

Fingers crossed this works. Also, im going GP again in about 2 weeks, to see how im getting on. I'm going to ask him to refer me to a derm, so i have a skin specialist to checkout my skin, and will probs have better suggestions etc.

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08/02/09 Update

Skin hasn't really changed much, if anything i think its got slightly worse. Im seeing my GP on wednesday, and im going to ask if i can be referred to a derm.

Left cheek:


Right cheek:


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11/02/09 Update

Stopped drinking ACV the other day, don't fancy ruining my stomach lol. Went GP today, retin-a is doing nothing to my face. Ive now got an appointment in 6 weeks time to see a derm, and will most likely be going on accutane. Having bloodtests next week to take to the derm with me. All this creams and that are just doing nothing to my face, and im pretty sure accutane will clear it and put my life back on track. Im keeping on retin-a until i see derm. Will post pics on saturday.

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17/02/09 Update

Ok, ive stopped using Retin-A, bought myself a new clearasil product, was working excellent. Then i had to go away for few days, airport took it off me as i couldnt carry it on to plane :( So for about 3-4 days ive just been washing with hot water, until i can buy it again soon. Going GP on thurs to have bloodtest, so i can take results for when i see derm in march.

New pics;



I think it is improving, even though ive been changing my regimen alot lol, wotchya think?

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Hi, I'm glad your doing this, it seems your quite young, my derm told me that had I gone on Accutane at a younger age the chances of "curing" acne with it were much higher, fyi....

I'm trying Retin-A first, but I'm much older than you, so I have to mail order my script and wait for it, cause they think I want it to fix my wrinkles, I've gone through lots of crap proving its medically necessary!!

Good luck!

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02/03/08 Update

Been awhile since ive updated this, past few days ive been using just water on my face, as i was away for few days and wanted to see how it will go trying nothing.

Heres a comparison from how my face look about a month ago, to now.

left cheek - THEN:





Right cheek - THEN:




Whatchya think?

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May I add, i went off Retin-A about 3 weeks ago lmao. All ive been using past month is clearasil wash, but past 4-5 days ive just used water =)

Thanks for the comments guys

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08/03/09 Update

Just washing face with warm water at the moment, and putting calamine lotion on when I go to bed. Not sure if its getting better or not, only been doing it 2 days, gunna see how it goes


Left cheek

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22/03/09 Update

It's been awhile. Past few weeks ive been doing stupid things, like changing my regimen like everyday and stuff. But for the past 3-4 days ive stuck to one.


Morning: Morning wash with clearasil refine scrub

Back from school: +Aha to face

Night: Cleasil refine scrub, then +AHA few minutes later

Weekends the same, but add AHA in the morning if im not going out, as it makes face look extremely oily and horrible.

The AHA+ is sorting out the red marks, and also the spots at same time. Face is looking better all the time, i just want my old confidence back. Its slowly coming back as it gets clearer.

New pics:

Left Cheek: http://i40.tinypic.com/11w8rw7.jpg

Right Cheek: http://i42.tinypic.com/30xiqty.jpg

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Don't use scrubs! Those are worse for your acne than better. Trust me. It causes microscrapes on your skin and spreads bacteria.

Just get a gentle cleanser such as Purpose.

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Wow... Its nearly been a whole year since ive posted! Lots of things have changed the past year, looks, personality and whole lot of events. But heres some new pics... a year on!





Excuse rough hair etc, not had shower today yet. But I'm happy with the progress ive had a lil breakout on the right side, cos the other day I had like 2 hours sleep, then a 8 hour car journey whilst eating junk food the whole day = breakout lol. Ive still got red marks, not as bad as before, but I use dans AHA lotion at night, I use Freederms face wash evening and morning. I also take 2x Trimethoprim tablets each day.

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Well its been over 2 years since coming on here. My acne cleared up about a year and half ago. But I decided to come on here now, just to see how bad my skin was all them years ago. Heres some updated pics of my skin.


I was put on Trimethoprim 200mg tablets for probably around a year. I dont use any products on my face at all. Just hot water. Sometimes in the summer, face may get abit dry, so I put a tiny bit of E45 on it. feedback would be apprieciated :) or any questions :)

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Hey man your skin looks amazing.. are you still on Trimethoprim? how'd retin-a do for yeah? You think your acne just passed with age?

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